What are the characteristics of cervical spondylosis medicated therapy?

What are the characteristics of cervical spondylosis medicated therapy?

The cervical spondylosis medicated therapy is guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and bone injury theory. The medicine and food are reasonably compatible. The unique cooking technology is used to make it have a therapeutic effect and is delicious. It is a traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics department.A component that has a long history and has a history of 3,000 years.

  Xia Chao has already made artificial wine. Wine is the initial stimulant and anesthetic. It can be used to treat evil qi, blood circulation, analgesics, and drug potential. It is a commonly used medicine for treating cervical spondylosis.

In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there is a “food doctor”, which is specially in charge of the emperor’s “six food, six drinks, six meals, one hundred soup, one hundred sauce, eight treasures”;, Five drugs to support its disease. ”

A medical edict from the tomb of Mawangdui Han—one “Fifty-two Disease Recipes” records 247 medicines, of which one-fourth is food; 284 prescriptions are contained, and a large number of them can be used for cervical spondylosis.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine proposes to combine the treatment of medicine with the treatment of food, highlighting the “harmony with the five madness, the bones are tendon and soft, and the blood and blood flow”, so as to achieve the purpose of conditioning.

Written in the “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, it contains 22 types of top-quality food, 19 types of medium-quality food, and 9 types of low-quality food.

Tang Si, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, proposed that “who is a doctor, must first understand the source of the disease, know what the offender has committed, treat it with food, heal the food, and then take the medicine.”

He believes that “if you can use food to calm the disease and relieve the emotions, it can be described as good work”, and clearly point out the essence of food therapy.

The Taoist “Secret Book of Improving Injury and Continuity” introduced the experience of treating trauma with patella and set a precedent for treating bone with bone.

In the Song Dynasty’s “Taiping Shenghui Fang”, the treatment of tendon injury (cervical spondylosis) was proposed to “reinforcing bones, benefiting the essence, and communicating the blood”.

In the Compendium of Materia Medica written by Li Shizhen, a well-known medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, he put forward the theories of “bonding bones with bones” and “treating bones with bones”.

  With the advancement of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the view of “including medicine in food” has been welcomed by the masses.

Because cervical spondylosis is a geriatric disease, the course is long, the recovery is slow, and there is a tendency to increase year by year. Therefore, taking more medicinal diet to prevent cervical spondylosis usually allows patients to avoid the pain of injection and medication and relieve the pain of the disease.Nuclear disease strengthening effect.

Frail and sick children can be supplemented in winter

Frail and sick children can be supplemented in winter

At the beginning of winter, some frail and sick people began to apply tonic and tonic.

In fact, tonic cream is suitable not only for adults who are weak and sick, but also for children with special constitutions.

  The four types of children are suitable for the size-adapted tonic-filled pediatric cream-formed adults. The principle of formulating is based on conditioning. Generally, it is formulated with crystal sugar, caramel and a small amount of gelatin.

Parents are advised to consider cream treatment if their child is found to have the following conditions: repeated respiratory infections, including frequent cold cough, or multiple bronchitis, peribronchitis, pneumonia, interstitial pneumonia, etc.

  Bronchial hypertension usually sneezes, has a runny nose, pruritus, or other symptoms of allergies.

  Stunted growth and thin body, loss of appetite, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, enuresis, etc.

  There are other diseases such as chronic diarrhea, chronic gastritis, chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, sequelae of myocarditis, etc.

  Children’s clothing cream formula is very particular about children’s winter cream cream tonic should follow the principle of “no disease, no medicine, no disorder medication, no disease, no disorder tonic” principle, the conditioning must be targeted.

  Weak constitution, children with certain chronic diseases need to take the cream to recuperate when the disease recovers.

And tonic tonic.

Tonics should not be too greasy, resulting in hard to break down, difficult to digest, difficult to absorb, if nourished with heavy medicine, it will affect the internal organs of children.

  Children with weak spleen and stomach, especially those who often use antibiotics, often accompanied by dull stomach appetite, repeated diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, thick tongue coating and other digestive dysfunction, should take “open way” first.

If you experience an acute attack while taking the cream, you should suspend the cream.

After the symptoms are under control, continue to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

  Taboos are contraindicated in children who suffer from asthma, especially those who have an allergic reaction to certain foods. Avoid “hair” and avoid contact with fumes, paint and other irritating gases to avoid inhalation. Children with cough and sputum should avoidSweet and greasy foods; children with indigestion should avoid greasy fried foods; children with recurrent respiratory infections should keep warm to prevent foreign wind and cold invasion.

  Jujube longan is most suitable for children saying “medicine is not as good as food”.

Therefore, you can eat more red dates, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, yam, longan meat and coriander in the winter, chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and milk are all high-protein, high-fat foods. Appropriate consumption can increase the amount, andMushrooms, fungus (black and white), pigeons, Scutellaria baicalensis, soybeans and chestnuts.

At the same time, to achieve a vegetarian diet, don’t forget to eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamins, cellulose, food, starch and other foods.

Tonic with red dates, ginseng and longan soup is the best for children.

  At the same time, winter supplements must be based on physical fitness.

For children who are prone to colds and cough, use astragalus, lily, walnut kernel and sweet almond to make porridge, which has the effect of replenishing qi and lungs; for anorectic children, use yam, rice, etc. to make porridge, which has a spleen appetizing effect;Pigeon porridge and shrimp have the effect of strengthening the kidneys and kidneys; children eat moderate amounts of hard-shell foods such as walnuts, small walnuts, chestnuts, and pine nuts in the winter, which have the functions of nourishing and brain-building.

Quit smoking diet therapy Raiders

Quit smoking diet therapy Raiders

Quitting smoking is always a healthy need, even a fashion.

People are no longer proud of the spit and spit. Now it will only be considered very earthy and very unqualified.

We will always be more healthy for our family and for the environment.

We all need to quit smoking, let us all come together to see the wonderful tricks of quitting smoking.

  Smoking cessation robots In Sandville, USA, there are two robots of the size of a real person. They can mimic someone smoking very seriously. They put cigarettes in their mouths, then ignite the cigarettes, and spit out from time to time.smoke.

They took one and took another one, which was like a big smoker.

The skull of the robot is transparent, and the viewer can clearly see that the smoke is sucked into the robot’s mouth, passing through the lungs, and the harmful nicotine and tobacco tar in the smoke slowly accumulate in the lungs, turning the lungs into black lungs.

Many smokers, after seeing the robot’s smoking show with their own eyes, quickly decided to quit smoking.

  Smoking cessation e-cigarette This is the latest cessation aid for smoking cessation. It is worth mentioning that e-cigarette was invented by China.

E-cigarettes mainly use nicotine replacement therapy to gradually reduce the nicotine content and gradually reduce the craving.

According to relevant statistics, electronic cigarettes should be the products with the highest success rate of smoking cessation.

However, because e-cigarettes are new products, the quality is still uneven. How does the effect of quitting smoking have a very big relationship with the quality of e-cigarettes? Now the best quality should be the second-generation e-cigarette like k-smoker, with a success rate of over 85%.
  One of the hazards caused by smoking cessation calls is coughing, and even coughing out the blood when the cough is severe.

The Los Angeles City Telephone Office recorded the cough of a person with a heavy addiction and started another new telephone service, the Quit Phone.

When people who want to smoke are addicted to smoking and can’t resist and endure, they can immediately dial the quit phone number, and the cough will be heard immediately in the receiver.

When you hear this sound, the smoker will become bored with smoking and long to dispel the idea of smoking.

  Oxygen smoke detector At the beginning of 1987, the United Kingdom developed a new device – oxygen detector.

It can show the smoker the carbon monoxide content in each cigarette. If the content exceeds the prescribed standard, the ball on the “oxygen smoke detector” will appear red. Such a test may help those who smoke and smoke change.Evil is rectified.

  Smoking cessation ashtrays Japan Aoki Chamber of Commerce produces a talking ashtray.

When the smoker puts the cigarette butts on the button, the ashtray utters a message: “Hey, the smoke is coming again.”

All the teeth are smoke oil, really dirty!

You are planning to die early.”

The sound quality is annoying, resulting in a smoking cessation effect.

Smoking cessation ashtrays made in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States emit a gas that eliminates cravings when exposed to cigarette butts, allowing smokers to stop smoking.

  Quit Smoking Lighter Italy has produced a lighter that displays the number of cigarettes and the interval between each use, thus alerting the user to the timing and quantity.

Thus the initial reduction will eventually reach the goal of smoking cessation.

The smoking cessation wallpaper is placed in an ordinary room (room or reception room), surrounded by a soft-toned wallpaper made of organic polymer, which emits a tobacco-like chemical that prevents smokers from smoking when they smoke.I gradually didn’t want to smoke.

  Seven ways to quit smoking in the first five days of smoking cessation (l) Drink 6-1 between meals.

8 cups of water, pushing nicotine out of the body.

  (2) Wash the warm water bath every day, can’t help but use the k-smoker e-cigarette as a substitute for cigarettes. (3) Rest in the 5th day of quitting smoking, and have a regular life.

  (4) Take a walk outside the meal after a meal and take a deep breath for 15-30 minutes.

  (5) Do not drink stimulating drinks, change to drink milk, fresh juices and cereal drinks.

  (6) Try to avoid eating poultry, fried foods, sweets and desserts.

  (7) can eat a variety of vitamin B group, can calm the nerves to remove nicotine (two) after the first five days can follow the law to keep smoking cessation results (1) brushing teeth or mouthwash after meals, wearing clean and smellless clothes.

  (2) Replace the habitual action of holding a cigarette with a pen or pencil.

  (3) spend most of your time in the library or other places where smoking is not allowed.

  (4) Avoid going to the bar and attending the banquet to avoid being with people who are very addicted.

  (5) Buy a gift for yourself without saving the money saved.  (6) Prepare to quit smoking habits in 2-3 weeks.

Eat a healthy diet to prevent aging

Eat a healthy diet to prevent aging

Do you have a soft spot for lean meat, but disregard hoof tendons such as pig feet and ox hoofs?

In fact, if you think these hamstrings are “useless,” that’s a big mistake.

  Higher collagen “pig’s hoof, cow’s hoof, sheep’s hoof, etc. contain relatively rich collagen, which is not found in lean meat.

“In an interview with” Life Times “reporter, Rui Lili, Ph.D., Department of Food and Nutrition, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said.

Collagen can be converted into gelatin during the healing process. It has the effects of water absorption and water retention, which can effectively improve the physiological function of the body and the water storage function of skin tissue cells, increase skin elasticity, prevent premature skin wrinkles, and delay skin aging.

In addition, it also promotes the secretion of breast milk, which is said to be better for mothers.

  Cholesterol content is classified into lean meat, liver, large intestine, heart and other internal organs. The relative content of cholesterol content of hoofs, for example, is only 51 millimeters per 100 grams.

Rui Lili said that as long as the food of the hoof tendons does not exceed 100 grams, which is 22, it is not harmful to health.

In addition, because hoof tendons are difficult to digest, the elderly should eat less.

Men enter female industry in times of crisis

Men enter “female industry” in times of crisis

Among the industries most affected by the financial crisis, whether in manufacturing or the financial industry, a common feature is that men are dominant.
To a certain extent, the direct impact on men is greater than that on women.
The Financial Times published a signed article on the 21st, analyzing the reality that some men are now entering the female-dominated industry in order to survive.
The article is excerpted as follows: Last month, Larry?
Blash lost his job at Fitch Ratings.
This is his third cut in eight years.
  ”That’s it, we’re done.
I’m tired of it, “said his wife Sheri.
“He must completely change his career and do something unrelated to Wall Street.
“Brash, 44, is undergoing retraining at the nurse post.
This may not admire his friends who are still working at Fitch Ratings, but by turning to this traditionally female occupation, Brash is trying to avoid a recession that hits men a lot.
  Since men dominate the most cyclical industries such as manufacturing, construction, and finance, if the economy shrinks, men will be more affected than women.
They were hit hard by the current economic downturn.
Half of the U.S. workforce is male, but men account for more than three-quarters of the 5.1 million people who have lost their jobs since the United States entered the recession.
The male employment rate in the United States has fallen from about 73% to 69%-the lowest level since the record began in 1948.
  Female jobs are also being lost, but the decline is not so bad.
They often work as white-collar clerks.
Women accounted for 75% of the education and healthcare industries that saw a slight increase this year.
  This layoff model means that in many families, women have become the sole breadwinners, earning money to support their husbands and children.
The problem that has plagued working women for generations has become a problem for everyone.
  Women earn less than men, and this is not limited to professional fields.
The income of the blue-collar jobs that are steadily fading is not low: the average weekly salary of construction workers is $ 840, which is higher than the average weekly salary of $ 616 in the United States.
By comparison, the average weekly salary for medical and education practitioners is about $ 620; compared to $ 385 for retail.
  Women enter and leave the workplace more frequently, or work part-time to take care of their children or relatives, so they have less accumulated benefits such as medical insurance.
Many families that depend on women’s income are struggling today.
  Sheri said her husband’s joblessness inspired her to become a rookie comedian, but the entire family was damaged.
“The income of his work is undoubtedly more stable than mine, because my working hours are not as regular as his . but the biggest blow we are about to suffer is medical treatment.
“Heidi, president of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research?
Hartman says the problem is getting worse.
“All of the low-income jobs that women do-retail, food services, home care, babysitting-many don’t provide medical care (insurance), and even if they do, they can be very expensive and difficult to cover all family members.
Therefore, a huge impact of the current recession is the reduction in health insurance coverage.
“Some women’s activists hope that this tension will promote labor market reforms that benefit women.
US President Barack?
Obama’s economic stimulus package has funded states to make it easier for part-time and low-income workers to get unemployment benefits.
  If a large number of males flood into female-dominated jobs like Blash, the impetus for change will come.
The prospect of reduced salaries and benefits has failed to stop Mr. Bush from stagnating: what he desires is to be immune to the volatility of the business cycle.
“It seems that every time I lose my job because of a recession, I have to work hard to jump back to the original industry . Now, I am looking for jobs that can withstand the effects of the recession.

Psychological changes in patients with depression throughout the day

Psychological changes in patients with depression throughout the day

Depression patients have the lowest mood in the morning. It is sadder than death in the morning. The morning is a hellish time for depression patients.

Too many patients 4?
Wake up at 5 o’clock, some may be early.

In their words: “Thinking wildly, waiting for dawn.

“Because of the poor quality of sleep and fatigue, people don’t want to get up, and some don’t even want to go to school or work.

Even if I barely get up, my mental and physical state is extremely poor, fatigue, depression, depression, helplessness.

  Endure torment in the morning The whole morning is a difficult schedule.

It is difficult for students to concentrate in class, and it is not efficient to take lessons.

In fact, I really want to invigorate myself, but often I have more than enough energy.

  Slight reduction in the afternoon After lunch, the mental state will start to turn a little, and the psychological pressure will gradually decrease.

This change is slow, unknowingly, there are no external factors, but the degree of psychological discomfort is decreasing, and it is no longer “sorrow than death”.

  Twilight improved to 4 pm?
At 5 o’clock, it will start to feel a bit relaxed and a bit slow.

Tiredness is reduced and I am slightly interested. I can do some housework before supper and I have a little active desire to communicate with my family.

  The state is still good at night. After dinner, patients will feel that this is the coolest time of the day. It seems that the haze has dissipated and it seems that they have returned to a normal state.

Talking with others is also acute and relaxed, and is no longer full of shame and frowning.

The family will also feel okay, and they will mistakenly think that people are so normal at night that they can’t talk about depression.

  Before waking up, I was worried that the good times were not long. I had to go to bed after a few hours.

At this time, I was worried about whether I could fall asleep, whether I would wake up early tomorrow, and how I would be in the daytime tomorrow . I was worried that it would cause depression, affect my mood before going to bed, and think of many recent psychological statesChange and situation.

These have actually started the precursor to depression the next day.

Depression just started to move into another day of emotional ups and downs.

What if I get stuck in a fishbone?

Treatment method for fishbone stuck throat tears

What if I get stuck in a fishbone?
Treatment method for fishbone stuck throat tears

What if I get stuck in a fishbone?
Fishbone stuck throat tears are handled as follows.

  1. Drinking olive pit water with olive rinsing water can eliminate the fish bone stuck in the throat.

  2. Vomiting. Vomiting the food eaten into the stomach and rushing out of the fishbone.

  3. Open the big mouth with tweezers and clamp them out with tweezers. It can be used for shallow fishbone, but you must ensure that the light is sufficient. Find a helper.

  4. Garlic appears with fishbone stuck in the throat. Use a piece of purple-skinned garlic and cut it into 2 petals. According to the size of the nostril, use a knife to cut both garlic into one large and the other small. Then, gently plug the small end.Into the nostrils, both nostrils must be stuffed with garlic. After 3-5 minutes, the tingling sensation in the throat is gone.

  5. When peeling the throat with orange peel fishbone, you can peel the orange peel, the block is narrower, and it is swallowed slowly to dissolve the fish bone.

That is, ask someone to press the front of the affected tongue with a spoon or toothbrush handle, and look at the root of the tongue, tonsils, posterior pharyngeal wall, etc. in a bright place. Fishbone can be found, and then clamped with tweezers or chopsticks.

  6. Massage the throat reflex area on the feet (between the thumb and the two fingers on the feet, on the edge of Taichong), about one minute.

Yoga 8 makes you beautiful from head to toe

Yoga 8 makes you beautiful from head to toe

The basic building of yoga is based on ancient Indian philosophy. It can achieve the state of complete control of the mind and emotions by exercising the body and twisting the breath, thereby maintaining a healthy and perfect body forever.

  Face-to-knee (constricted thighs and knees) face up, legs straight.

Take five breaths.

Inhale, straighten your arms, and hug your calves to fully stretch your upper body.

Take five breaths.
Exhale and restore your legs.

  Stretch your legs and lie face up with your legs straight.

Use a long cloth strip to bypass the sole of the left foot so that the left leg is properly raised and held for a moment.

Keep your legs straight, as close to the front as possible.

After 20 seconds, lean your upper body forward, close to your legs, and lie back slowly.

Change your right leg.

  The kitten pose (inclined back) supports both shoulders and crawls on the floor.

Inhale, arch your back upwards and move your chest and head.

Exhale, slowly retract your back and head, and do this action as if someone was irritated by the cat.

Repeat 5 times.

  Puppy-down (tilt the back of the leg, side ribs) with all four limbs on the ground.

Exhale, straighten your legs until you want to bend, straighten at the same time, and step on the ground.

Keep the rate.

Inhale, straighten your legs and exercise your quadriceps for a minute.

  Slightly forward (constricting the legs and back), with feet as wide as shoulders, and arms hanging from both sides of the body.

Exhale, leaning your hips forward and your legs upright and relaxing.

Hold for a minute.
  Cobra (constricted back, hips, intercostal muscles) face down, palms on the ground.

Exhale, step on the floor, lift your head, raise your chest, and press your legs against the ground.

Straighten your arms (but not tense) and lift them up for 30 seconds.

  The butterfly (tighten the tailbone and insert the thigh) sits on the floor, with the back straight, the soles of the two feet in contact, and the insert opens.

With the heels facing each other, clamp the pelvis and squeeze your feet firmly.

Hold for 2 minutes.

Exhale and slowly spread your feet apart.

  The child’s posture (inclined spine) is brittle on the ground with his toes touching the ground.

Sit up on your heels, exhale, and crawl forward with your forehead on the ground.

Relax your arms and place them on the floor for two minutes.

Breathe naturally.

  The legs are separated in a triangle pose, with a distance of four feet in the middle, the left foot is rotated 15 degrees, the right foot is extended 90 degrees, and the arms are straightened on both sides of the body.

Exhale, bend your upper body to the side, put your right hand on the right leg for support, hold for 45 seconds, inhale, recover, and change to the other side.

Ten types of men women may encounter

Ten types of men women may encounter

A woman has ten must-have relationships in her life, ten steps on the road to true love.

Without going up these steps, you will never be able to stand high and watch the scenery.


Unrequited love is painful and bitter.

If the other party and you are not on the same wavelength, all your talks and grievances are funny in the other party’s eyes.

But if you are willing to bury this feeling in your heart and slowly experience it alone, it can make mellow wine again.


Falling in love at first sight is the best way to fall in love and the way to shake your faith in love.

Because when the magic disappears, you will find that the prince becomes a frog.

Did you fall in love with a frog?

You feel so stupid.


Chasing love can rely on you to take the initiative to work hard, the joy of conquest is unparalleled (so men are happy).

It’s just that chasing down is very skillful. When it first appears, it will only be bombarded wildly. After a little mature, it will pay more attention to strategy. Only when there is a spark in the opponent’s eyes, continue to the next step.

Good hunters are slowly catching.


Some guys in Playboy are absolutely unacceptable. No matter how handsome he is, how handsome he is, how charming he is, taking it home is a scourge, and it makes you sad and cry.


Rich men, men ‘s money has little to do with you: when he loves you, he says that his money is for you to spend (in fact, he has a bottom line in his heart, he will not do it if you spend more); etc.He has little interest in you, and his money has nothing to do with you.


Married men men also have a strong sense of responsibility, but this sense of responsibility makes you very annoyed, because this is not directed at you.


The relationship between Israel and profit is annoying.

When your initial goal is achieved and the other party is still enthusiastic, how do you end?


His betrayal of men, no matter how honest and decent a man looks, is a traitor in his bones. What he has said can be ignored, and those who have loved can hide.

With this in mind, the next time you plan to dedicate yourself, weigh it. Can you bear the consequences of his betrayal?


My empathy promises to be sober when making a promise. Can you guarantee that your feelings will not degenerate?

If not, don’t put love and destiny in a basket easily, at least doing so is responsible to him.


How important is sex to a woman?

Without it, it is important to be fierce; when it is only, its weight is as light as a feather.

If a woman falls in love with a man because of sex, in the end it will only despise him.

This is very different from men.

If it is obvious for sex, you may give up too much.

New oil and old oil mixed together or stored a safety hazard

New oil and old oil mixed together or stored a safety hazard

Do you have such a habit of seeing that there is no oil in the oil pot, and if you don’t use it, you will pour it into a new one?

In fact, this method of using oil is not scientific and may have certain safety hazards.

Edible oil is not a food that is resistant to storage. The appearance of “hala” taste is the result of oxidative rancidity of oil.

Oxidized oil not only reduces the nutritional value, but also may cause the body to age and bury hidden dangers for various diseases.

Grease is slowly oxidized during storage, especially in oil cans, which have more exposure to oxygen and therefore are more oxidized than sealed large barrels of oil.

Need experts, the oxidation of oil will be “infected”, so be sure to wait until the old oil is used up, then install new oil into the oil can, otherwise the grease oxidation rate will become faster.

Usually add the amount needed for a week to the oil can, and clean the oil pot once every three months or so.

In addition, it is best to replace the oil can or the capped oil bottle that can be screwed onto the outer casing. Never put the oil in an open-open container.

Whether it is a oil drum or an oil can, it must be placed in a dark, dark place, and should not be affected by sunlight and high temperatures.