The workplace has only a beginning and no end

The workplace has only a beginning and no end

I don’t know if he is born smart or lucky to take care of him. It took only three years for Ronaldinho to enter this well-known IT company in China and he was promoted to Deputy Manager of the Marketing Department.

He scored with his classmates that year, and he was really “happy with horseshoe”. Buying a house or car was a trivial matter, and he was often heard on television and in newspapers.

Every day banquet, every night Shengge . But just a few days ago, he was suddenly included in the company’s list of layoffs.

When he learned the news from the inside, his spirit suddenly broke down.

He was like Xiang Linyu in Lu Xun’s novels, but he said to himself, “Why was it that I was cut off, not XX?”

“Actually,” Why am I being cut, not someone else? ”

“This is a question that has no practical significance; maybe from another perspective, think about what caused you to be cut more interchangeably, because once you are lucky this time you have not been cut, you may still be cut next time.On the head.

  I can’t see the crisis, so I lose stress.

In fact, Ronaldinho should know that in an extremely competitive industry such as IT, new technologies will be produced in one and a half to two years, and people who enter this industry need to constantly add new knowledge and new technologies.

In this age of rapid development, when you “step on the spot” and others move fast, you are being abandoned.

  You used to have Jin Chancan’s degree, and you can hold the diploma to the world.

However, after a busy period of time, you suddenly looked up and found that your knowledge and skills are developing with each passing day. In fact, your academic qualification is rapidly “depreciating”, not to mention that what you are learning is not what you use.

  Your diploma only represents your educational level; its value is already reflected in your basic salary, but it will not be valid for more than half a year.

If you want to gain a foothold in the workplace, you must know what knowledge and skills you should add.

If you fail to do this, your diploma will expire sooner or later.

  The competition in the era of knowledge economy is very fierce. What is your advantage?

The only advantage is that it is rejuvenated than others!

Be good at learning from tomorrow.

  In the modern workplace, the easiest way to go is downhill.

Therefore, you must eliminate yourself every day. If you do not eliminate yourself, you will be eliminated by others. This is the “evolution” of the modern workplace.

  Once you enter the workplace, you just put on the pair of “red dance shoes” that will never let you stop. Now that you choose to enter the workplace, you must work hard until you retire . However, there are many new recruits in the workplaceI think so, I graduated from school, do n’t take various headache exams and quizzes, I can relax my life a little bit. As for studying, it is unnecessary.

In fact, this idea is very wrong and dangerous.

In the modern workplace, you are comfortable with the status quo. In a sense, when you enter the workplace, you are entering CES. Here, you can only win and not lose; therefore, in order to improve your “gambling” skills, you must study tirelesslyBecome the final winner.

In the past, people often said that “whatever a white cat is a black cat, catching a mouse is a good cat.”

For the various bosses in the modern workplace, whether you are male or female, old or young, it only needs to be “useful” and the best.

  In modern workplaces, there is only a beginning and no end.

You are most likely to make some kind of mistake in bed

You are most likely to make some kind of mistake in bed

You go to the fast-food restaurant with expert service first and customer first. You accidentally see a corner of the store where the male store manager is scolding the female student.

At this time, you intuitively think that this work student was scolded?

A, absent-minded, didn’t notice the call of the guest B, accidentally spilled Coke on the guest C, ordered the wrong meal D, spoke to the guest fiercely, did you choose to be polite?

A, absent-minded, did not notice the call of the guests, the biggest drawback is that you are not attentive. Because of this, you often make trouble, right?

However, I am a bit lost to you, and your unfocusedness can even extend to the bed!

To be honest, do you occasionally think of something suddenly while having sex and then you can’t help laughing?

Or suddenly came up like “What do you want for dinner tomorrow?”

“Is all kinds of irrelevant questions destroyed the whole atmosphere in an instant?

B, accidentally spilling Coke on the guests, you are a retina who thinks and says anything, and often a sudden nonsense word pops up and hurts a man.

It’s really a cold sweat for you.

You have to know that too direct criticism of issues such as sex skills or genital size can seriously hurt a man’s self-esteem!

Please be careful, please be careful!

C. Ordering the wrong meal As a waiter, ordering the wrong meal is the most serious mistake.

The mistake you made in bed is likely to be the reason for your breakup!

Although I have no way to directly point out that some kind of error will be so serious, I really ask you to pay more attention.

In particular, be careful not to forget to take birth control pills, or miscalculate safety days and other things about pregnancy.

D, speaking to the guests is fierce, you are a very confused person, you are not polite, even if you make a big mistake in bed, it is because of your confusion!

Honestly, have you ever inadvertently called out other men’s names during sex?

Or do you have sex and fall off the bed in half?

Anyway, like plots that often appear in comedies, shouldn’t you be unfamiliar to you?

Eight medicinal diets improve rhinitis

Eight medicinal diets improve rhinitis

Treatment of rhinitis. Eight major medicinal diets to improve rhinitis. Severe cold and rhinitis were committed.

Although rhinitis is not a serious illness, daily nasal congestion is annoying.

So, what are the recipes for rhinitis?

Today I compiled some, everyone may wish to take a look.

  Recipes for the treatment of rhinitis: 1. Luffa vinegar and pig lean meat treats acute episodes of chronic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, nasal discharge, and severe headache.

Wash 3-5 grams of loofah vine near the root, cut 60 grams of lean pork, and cook in the same pot, season with some salt, eat soup and eat meat, five times for one course, use 1-3A course of healing.

  2, Xin Yi boiled eggs for chronic sinusitis, purulent runny nose.

Use 15 grams of Xinyi flower, put in a casserole, add 2 bowls of water, and fry 1 bowl; 2 eggs, cooked and shelled, puncture a few holes, reheat the casserole, pour the sauce into the boil, and add the eggs煮 Boiled tablets, drink soup and eat eggs.

  3. Huanghua Yutou Decoction treats chronic atrophic rhinitis, and the frequency of cold is still high.

Take 100 grams of fatty fish and fry it on both sides with hot oil for a while after washing.

Remove 15 grams of jujube and remove the kernels. Use 30 grams of yellow flowers, 15 grams of atractylodes, 10 grams of cocklebur, 10 grams of amaranth, and 3 slices of ginger. Place the soup in the casserole with the fish head and cook until the meat is cooked.

  4, Astragalus porridge for allergic rhinitis.

400 grams of tan, 230 grams of Baishu, 240 grams of windproof, 120 grams of bellflower, 60 grams of licorice, 20 grams of rice (for one day), in addition to rice, grind other materials into powder, mix well, and put them in a dry containerCovered) to survive.

Put 400 ml of water and rice in a pot, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

Put 10 grams of flour in the pot, boil on low heat, cover with a fire extinguisher and wait 5 minutes.

  5. Baiye pig nose soup treats runny nose.

Take 66 grams of pork nose and clean it. Use 30 grams of raw cypress leaves, 6 grams of golden dendrobium and 10 grams of Bupleurum in the casserole. Add 4 bowls of water to fry and remove 1 bowl. Filter out the residue and pour 60 grams of honey., 30 grams of rice wine at 30 degrees, and drink well.

  6. Sheep meal treats chronic rhinitis.

Take a pair of sheep lactic acid pills, wash them, and place them in the initialization or casserole roasting (not fried charred or fried black), grind them into fines, and send them with warm boiling water or rice wine.

Each pair of spindle pills is taken twice a day, and the effect is continued for 2-3 days.

Oyster powder for night sweats

Oyster powder for night sweats

〖Fang Yuan〗 “Taiping Huimin Peace Bureau?”

“Volume 8: Treating Miscellaneous Diseases”: Insufficient treatment of various deficiencies, and violent deficiencies of new diseases, fluid instability, body often sweating, even lying at night, long and endless, shriveled, palpitated, alarmed, shortness of breath.

  〖组成〗黄芪去苗土[30g] 麻黄根洗[9g] 牡蛎 米泔浸,刷去土,火烧通赤,各一两[30g]  〖用法〗上三味为粗散,每服三钱(9g)Water, one and a half, wheat more than a hundred grains, fried to eight minutes with the same, to slag heat service, daily service, regardless of time.

  〖Fangge〗 Astragalus powder is used in oyster powder, wheat hemp root is suitable, Weixu spontaneous sweating or night sweats, solid surface convergence is effective.

  [Attending]Since sweat, night sweats.

Often spontaneously sweating, lying at night even more, palpitations are alarmed, shortness of breath, reddish tongue, and weak pulses.

  [Function]Yiqi solid table, convergence Yin antiperspirant.

  Uses: This prescription is designed for spontaneous sweating and night sweats with leaking Yin fluid.

Sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath, pale tongue, and weak pulses are the main points of syndrome management.

Khan out of yang deficiency, you can add aconite to warm Yang; those who are qi deficiency, you can add ginseng, atractylodes to benefit Qi; those who are yin deficiency, you can add a place of birth, Baiji to nourish yin.

Spontaneous sweating should be repeated with astragalus to solidify the surface, night sweats can be added with bean coat, glutinous rice root to stop sweat, the effect is better.

Commonly used after the disease, after surgery and postpartum spontaneous sweating, night sweats, are not solid outside the body, those who leak yin.

Goji quail stew

Goji quail stew

[Raw materials]1 quail, 30 grams each of wolfberry and Polygonatum, salt, MSG instead.

  [Production]Kill the quail, remove the hair and offal, cleanse the wolfberry, yellow quail, and add the right amount of water to the quail.

  [Serving method]Discard the medicine, eat meat and drink soup, once a day.

  [Efficacy]nourishes liver and kidney, nourishing essence and nourishing.

Quail is a good nootropic food, rich in protein, inorganic salts, vitamins, etc., which helps children develop, increase appetite, and improve memory.

Mental workers can eat regularly, which can eliminate the symptoms of dizziness, forgetfulness, improve intelligence, and have the effect of strengthening the brain and refreshing the nerves; wolfberry can nourish the kidney and replenish the essence, nourish the liver and eyesight, resist fatigue, enhance physical strength and intelligence; Huang Jing can nourish the spleen, nourish the lungs, nourishYin Shengjin, strengthens bones and muscles, strengthens body.

The same use of several flavors increases its nourishing and nootropic effects.

It is suitable for those with liver and kidney deficiency, deficient essence and blood, and fatigue.

Throat susceptible to air-conditioning disease

Throat susceptible to “air-conditioning disease”

The high temperature made the whole city like a steamer, and white-collar workers sat in the office building and enjoyed the coolness.
However, the “uninvited guests” in air-conditioned rooms are always endangering their health, especially the throat is most likely to suffer from “air-conditioning disease” at this time.
In the closed office building, because the air is not smooth, it is easy to cause the growth of viruses and bacteria. In addition, the air conditioning in the office building is not cleaned well. Over time, various gases and viruses can cause throat problems, and then the throat itch and pain.
Moreover, if the air conditioner is blown for a long time, the throat discomfort caused by the cold will “attack” the white-collar workers.
Small ways to fight off “throat air conditioning disease” Drinking water makes sense When the throat appears dry and occasionally has a dry cough, blindly drinking plain water is not useful for throat recovery.
The human body can replenish 1000 ml of water every day.
Traditional Chinese medicine honeysuckle, fat sea, and Ophiopogon can be added to drinking water, which can alleviate throat inflammation to a certain extent.
If you find it inconvenient, you can use the old Chinese medicine Qingyanbaobao granules to relieve sore throat and dry itching. The ingredients in it contain honeysuckle and barley, which can refresh the throat.
Dressing properly A cold and cough are commonplace for some white-collar workers who have been in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.
A coat can be prepared in case of need.
The throat is affected during a cold, so in addition to treating the cold, you should also protect your throat.
Old Chinese medicine Qingliang throat Bao Qingrejieshu, anti-inflammatory and anti-virus, have a good relief effect on throat discomfort caused by a cold.
When you go to work, making a cup is undoubtedly a relaxation of your throat.
Eat properly Summer heat is severe in summer. Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time will cause moisture to build up in the body and cause disease.
You can usually drink some coix porridge and red bean soup.
Rock candy Sydney is the best throat food.
The method is to first wash and peel the Sydney, remove the core, and then add rock sugar and water for 30 minutes.
Simple and useful way to keep you away from “air conditioners”.

Beware of Psychological Responses to Frustrated Job Searches

Beware of Psychological Responses to Frustrated Job Searches

It is said that McDonald’s, KFC’s recruitment position, is very popular in North Tsinghua.

It’s hard to say how these arrogant people have turned the “vacation place for work” into “a popular choice for job hunting”.

However, from the perspective of the normal psychological trend, such a big change must have experienced relatively equal or even greater setbacks, which can only be formed after a gap.

After the job search is frustrated, everyone’s mind must be more or less sharpened and tested to achieve a new balance.

  1. I feel humiliated and do not want to see my classmates, friends, especially those who have a successful career.

“Now I seem to be very sensitive. If anyone asks me” Signed or not “, I immediately feel that he is making fun of me, as if he has suffered a lot.

“There are several reasons for humiliation. First, there are indeed people who suspect that you are insulting your personality. This is obviously not your fault. You can fight back or wait for him to run into a wall. Second, the child’s psychology is over-lovedTherefore, being rejected once is regarded as humiliation.

Well, I can be sure that it is you, not the society, who should adjust, right. This is a set of frustration training. Third, the greedy mentality, you should run into good things, otherwise it will be humiliated.

  2. Inferiority and self-confidence are completely lost, and I feel hopeless about the future, and even doubt that I will always find a job.

“My previous thought was: There is no work in the world that we can’t do!

Now my thought is: Is there anything else I can do?

Even the hotel front desk has work experience, I can’t do it.

“Some people do not inferiority because of being rejected. People who are intoxicated with inferiority can even humble themselves if they succeed:” Look, my classmates have entered a foreign company, but I only found a job in a private enterprise.

“Inferiority has formed psychological inertia, and his mental energy and self-evaluation have flowed indiscriminately to a lower place.

There are two ways for people with inferiority: to live miserably in inferiority, or to view inferiority as a lever for growth, to find their focus on weightlessness, and to find their own employment.

Can’t apply for a secretary, let’s not argue about this, can’t we just change another corner?

  3. I don’t have a sense of control over the future, I feel that everything is unpredictable, and I don’t know what I want to do.

“When I first graduated, I still ran to the talent market every day and submitted my resume online, but now more than half a year has passed and no success has been achieved.

I began to wonder if those efforts were useful. Where should I write a resume?

“Confusion is the dizziness that comes from facing freedom.

We should thank Confused, because Confused Synonym is a place for multiple choices.

Will a person who has everything prescribed be confused?

Now all you have to do is not follow the blindly in the confusion, lest you lose your soul.

Constantly trying in the confusion, bumping into the wall, summing up experience, the way out will appear in the search up and down.

  4. Feelings of incompetence and helplessness feel like everything is returning to zero, the knowledge I have learned, and all my practical experience have become useless. I ca n’t find the direction for help and support.

“I went to apply for a telecommunications company, written test in Chinese and English, one-on-one Q & A, interpretation, crowd interview, psychological test, department manager interview, even after going through 6 passes, it seemed to have peeled off a layer, as if everything I learned before has changedIt becomes blank and suddenly nothing will happen.

“Great, someone finally told you that what you learned in school is useless!

Otherwise, if you go to graduate school or blog, you still have to run into a wall a few years later, or you have to be “useless.”

Quickly cultivate the ability to create benefits for everyone!

  5. Feeling guilty I feel sorry for my parents, I am sorry for the teacher, I am sorry for everyone who cares for you, and I feel that my failure will cause them worry and pain.

“I’m still thinking about going home for Chinese New Year.

I want to go back, but I’m sorry.

I have n’t officially paid my salary for so long after graduation.

“It’s a sign of mental health to feel guilty about your parents at this time.

But if you’re endless, taking self-blame as a living, or even serious enough to repay the parents’ parenting grace with death, then you should see a doctor.

For example: if you lose your parents’ deposit, and now you are guilty of jumping off the building, that is equivalent to giving your parents a double blow, losing their money and their lives.

What you should do now is go home, do more housework, discuss the future with your parents, so that they can see new ideas and hopes even without seeing your salary.

  6, regret Regarding the previous lack of planning, careful preparation, trade resignation and other practices regret, and regret the more energy wasted, the less energy can really help action.”I used to work for a monthly salary of 2,000. I think it’s too little. I want to make a new place and earn more than this.

So he did not listen to the advice of others, resolutely resigned.

I went to a company and did n’t go because the food was n’t tasty. I now regret it because there are fewer and fewer job opportunities.

“One regret is reflection, and you can avoid making two mistakes.

Two regrets are cover-ups because you don’t want to change the behavior patterns that lead to frustration.

I regret three or four times, that is, holding regrets as a game.

A brave heart should be born with remorse.

Advice: Action to change is a potent cure for regrets.

  7. Burnout. Tired of repetitive posting of resumes, interviews, rejections, and doing nothing to keep you up.

“I was not very happy when I received the interview notice.

The day I went, I remember that the sky was gray and dark, and I deliberately took the subway line 1 in the opposite direction, sat back, and finally walked slowly into the company’s door.

“Whether it is a main body problem or mental fatigue, fatigue is a signal that the body gives us: you should take a break.

It is likely that you have been rejected because of your tired face.

Timely breaks make job hunting easy.

  8, irritability, irritability, strong emotional ups and downs, prone to anonymity, and often be angered by the words of others.

“During this period of employment, I ate at home, slept, watched TV, and washed clothes.

Once I wanted to do laundry at night. Mom said it was too late. Do n’t do it.

As soon as I heard it, I sat crying.

There seemed to be a lot of anger in my heart, and I wanted to cry and quarrel at every turn.

“Irritable and irritable because I have been depressed for too long.

Let the mind rain through.

You can write the words you keep in your heart on a piece of paper or tell someone.

  9. Feeling unfair relationship, hukou, gender, appearance, or even marriage or not, more and more restrictions on recruitment, making job seekers feel unfair, and anger is increasing day by day.

“The most outrageous interviewer I met asked me what color my underwear was, and said it was a personality test!

At that time, I had the urge to splash his face, but I could not bear to work.

“Unfortunately, there is no pure fairness in this world.

Without realizing this, the mind can never be balanced.

Is the fate fair to those who were born in the flames of war in Gaza and those who were buried underground in Wenchuan?

Injustice can be the driving force behind the pursuit of fairness, rather than the truth of repeated life.

  10, envy others have envy for those who have a job, but they are unable to change the status quo, so they feel more weak and inferior.

“Half a year ago, I quit my previous job, thinking at the time that it would be a big deal to review the postgraduate study at home.

But I really resigned, only to find it so difficult to maintain a peaceful state of mind!

Now I envy those who are nine to five!

“The real envy is appreciation. It gives us the desire to learn from others and makes our lives more perfect.

False envy is jealousy: “They went to fight for gold nine to five nights, why can I even find a little fat?


“Envy will only make you more painful, and getting up is the open shovel.

  11, living in isolation, the more “homes” are frustrated the more times, the less motivation to go out looking for opportunities.

It ‘s a manifestation of this mentality if you do n’t leave home all day and indulge in the Internet world.

“In fact, I know a lot of brothers and sisters in Beijing, and they can also provide some information and opportunities.But I just don’t want to contact them, sometimes I feel tired even talking to people.

I don’t want to see people, it’s better to have a mouse hole to hide me.

“The situation of the otaku and otaku is different.

Some people try to escape the frustrations of reality. The result is often the degradation of social functions and their inability to integrate into social life.

Someone is recuperating and saving power to wake up.

Some people are just scratching their heads and don’t want to understand what they are going to do.

At this time it is best to seek some support and suggestions from others.

Who did not move the heart is far.

Even if you “home” in the house, don’t let your mind be paralyzed by false tranquility without competition and frustration.

  12. Feeling contempt and disdain. Feeling disdain and contempt for certain phenomena encountered during job search, and therefore angering the entire workplace and even society.

“I went to a school to apply for a teacher, and as a result, the written test question turned out to be related to the principal himself. I also said, ‘If you don’t know the principal, you don’t know the school.

I’m really speechless. This kind of school keeps me from going in and I won’t go. There must be no major development.

“The appearance of contempt means inner approval.

People who despise the workplace just make excuses for their inadequacy.

Of course, once in a while, Q is a good way to relieve stress.

But don’t despise a person because a company despise the entire workplace and society.

  13. The emptiness feels as long as one year. I want to find something to do but can’t continue, thinking that I’m wasting my life.

“I haven’t been down all day, watching the children downstairs playing enviously, I feel like a big man does nothing and wastes his life.

Take this “Spoken Translation”, and stared at those letters motionlessly, without turning over a page for more than half an hour, and saw nothing at all.

However, don’t pretend to read the book, it’s not easy for me.

“What can fill the empty space of the mind is action.

  14, health problems, psychological problems cause physical reactions, headaches, stomach pains, colds and other symptoms.

“Before each interview, I had sour water in my stomach, and I went to the hospital to see it. The doctor said that he was not sick, maybe it was nervous.

“Pain is a signal of the body and a signal of the mind. It reminds us that our way of life should change.

For example, you have high blood pressure as soon as you make a speech, then you either don’t give a speech or participate in speech training until you get used to it.

  15. Escape from reality Paralyze yourself with various excuses and strengthen the psychological defense mechanism to avoid interference from reality.

“I go to an internet cafe almost every day. I call it a resume, but I spend more time on games than looking for a job.

I always tell my parents that the environment is not good, and I will have a chance after a while.

But I also know that this is just self-deception and give myself a comfort.

“It is wise to evade strategically, otherwise we will be crushed.

But if you make yourself an “escape from professional households”, then all opportunities will definitely escape you without hesitation.

6 types of men are best to be your confidante

6 types of men are best to be your confidante

In case of trouble in the company, he must be the object of your confession. Your car broke down on the street and your phone will be called. Every time you fall in love, he will appear in time. Every time he moves, he is the absolute main force.He will accompany you to watch an overnight movie. You will talk to him every time you divorce a man after divorce . He and you have never had a skin relationship. He is not his brother, not a husband, not a lover, but also absolutelyJust a buddy.

You think: he is probably a confidant of his own-a true blue-faced confidant.

  He is like a trash can that can hold all your bad feelings, but never repeats you; he is like an air conditioner, sending hot air and cold air, but he never orders you; he never asks you what time you go home at night,Who do you date with or are you wearing too sexy? No, he will not restrain you-he knows that there is no such right; he is always out of your sight, but still within reach. You may ask: such a good man on earthDoes it still exist?

Why isn’t he my husband or lover?

  The key to finding a confidante is to add both wise eyes and a good sense.

To put it bluntly, although it is not easy to meet a good man this year, don’t turn the good man you met into your husband or lover.

  What kind of man is the best candidate for Lan Yan confidant?

  He is unlikely to be your colleague-unlikely to share the company’s secrets; it is also unlikely to be your husband-he is more willing to be your mentor or nanny; more unlikely to be your lover-your relationshipToo sensitive, he can’t give you objective opinions, such as the view of another man . well, does not prevent sifting the men around us-the mesh of the sieve should not be too sparse or too dense-too sparseMissing out the right candidates is too close to become a husband.

  Suitable for being a confidant of blue face, in fact, it is nothing more than the following people: A.

In fact, the “fat” that grew up together from childhood, the boy who has played “play house” with you since childhood, he knows your temperament preferences and advantages and disadvantages as much as you.

He has a sense of “responsibility” to protect you from the time when the milky smell does not dry. If you treat such a person as a confidant, he will definitely carry out the mission of “protecting the messenger”.

  Gold rush tips: Do not ask too much of this kind of people, some kind of his education, profession and appearance.

Remember, you want a confidant, not a husband.

And this kind of person is often your safest blue-confidant confidant-no longer care about you will not let you unconsciously empathize with him, mistake confidant as a husband and wife.


Husband’s iron buddy’s husband’s death party is also the object of your trust-as long as he can talk to you.

It is not easy for your relationship with him to cause your husband’s jealousy, and he will also cherish the friendship with your husband and not easily hit your ideas.

  Gold Rush Tips: The best candidate is the one who looks big and careless but is actually small.

He and your husband often stand by your side when they quarrel with each other. When your husband is on a business trip, he is very relieved to confess you to him and take care of him.

If he is unmarried, you do not prevent him from often matching him. If he is married, you must be in harmony with his wife.


The old boyfriend is of course a kind of reasonable person who is easy to talk about.

For many years, passion has cooled down, but he must still have the love for you in his heart.

It is the most dangerous to choose a breeder to be your blue confidant. He may be your most desperate guard, or it may be your biggest trouble.

  Gold Rush Tips: Always keep in mind not to let his lust return.

Therefore, he is only allowed to share your harassment in the workplace, and must not be your fascinating staff.


The pleasant man that Mr. Taste met by chance on PARTY may become your safest confidante.

These people have similar characteristics (or more feminine) to us. They are fascinated by classical music and well-known for fashion. They talk about brands such as fashion or cosmetics, and information about new European and American movies and new albums.Very accurate, like to hang around in a cafe or bar, love to collect CDs, DVDs and designer shoes.

  Most of them come from well-off backgrounds. They didn’t rely on self-struggle and hard work to climb up, so there is no utilitarianism; they have a good education, but not the elites of some industries, but they have extensive knowledge and good education.

He may not be your savior to solve problems. He often appears when you are happy. Some PARTY, sometimes SHOPPING, and sometimes when listening to concerts, his fun and cultivation will bring you unexpected happiness .: Beware of another type of person similar to Mr. Grade-Playboy, they seem easy to overcome, but Playboy’s mouth is usually sweet, especially for first-time women.

Mr. Taste often has a wide range of hobbies, and his energy is very scattered. But don’t take him as the only iron backing. He is more suitable as a “substitute blue face”-best for the icing on the cake.

  He has never had a skin relationship with you. He is not his brother, husband, or lover, but he never has many buddies.

You think: he is probably a confidant of his own-a true blue-faced confidant.

How to make children bid farewell to strangers sooner

How to make children bid farewell to strangers sooner

Xiaoxi was afraid of being born. He lay in the arms of Grandpa and refused to go to the ground. If he met his grandfather’s acquaintance, Xiaoxi buried his face in Grandpa’s arms.Ask Grandpa to say hello to others, or urge Grandpa to go in his ears.

  When Xiaoxi was 4 years old, her parents moved the focus of the business to this city, bought an independent villa next to her, and brought Xiaoxi to her side.

  On the first night, Mom let Xiaoxi sleep on her own, and Xiaoxi cried out of breath and was unwilling. Xiaoxi’s father hardened her heart and wanted her to sleep by herself.

The stream was lying on the ground crying.

  ”Forget it, let her sleep here today, and talk tomorrow.

“Mother Xiaoxi was distressed.

After hearing his wife say that, Xiaoxi father had to agree-after all, when the child was young, he did not accompany the child well, now it should be compensated.

It is said that it is only sleeping here today, but every day is today, so Xiaoxi fell asleep among parents.

Xiaoxi was happy, but there was a lingering worry in his parents.

  Now, Xiaoxi is not lonely at night, but still needs someone to take care of during the day.

  Therefore, Father Xiaoxi specially invited a domestic helper.

  When the housekeeper first came to work at home, Xiaoxi kept hiding from her.

When Mom and Dad were present, she hid behind Mom and Dad. When she was not there, she hid in her game room and locked the door. No matter how the housekeeper knocked on the door, she refused to come out.

At noon, she was hungry, and the housekeeper brought the fragrant meal to the table, but she refused to come out.

  The housekeeper had no choice but to call Xiaoxi’s father to explain the situation.

Xiaoxi father asked Xiaoxi to answer the phone, but Xiaoxi refused to come out to listen.

The housekeeper had to pass the handset of the handset to the mother across the door gap.

After hearing Dad’s voice, Xiaoxi cried at once: “Dad, I’m afraid, I’m hungry .” Dad Xiaoxi thought that the domestic helper might not agree with Xiaoxi and had no choice but to change the domestic helper.

Changing four or five in a row, the situation in each of them is very similar.

After discussing with Xiaoxi’s parents, it was decided that Xiaoxi’s mother would stop doing business and return home to be a full-time mother with peace of mind. The business outside was handled by Xiaoxi’s father.

Sure enough, when my mother returned home, the stream was like a fish, and her lively and lovely nature was suddenly revealed.

  Earlier this year, Xiaoxi’s mother felt that the child was always around him and it was really not a way to avoid contact with other people.

Because she used to take Xiaoxi to some of her friends’ homes. She originally thought that Xiaoxi would become friends with her friends ‘children and would play together soon. However, she found that her idea was wrong. Xiaoxi simplyIgnore the other children and just hide behind her mother.

  ”Can this kid be a little autistic?

The friend whispered to Xiaoxi’s mother.

  Xiaoxi’s mother was startled. She believed it and wanted to take Xiaoxi to the hospital for examination, but Xiaoxi didn’t want to go to the hospital at all.

Xiaoxi mother had to check some information online and found that the autistic child was not only silent in front of outsiders, but also in front of his relatives.

But Xiaoxi is not like this. In the face of her family—grandpa, grandma, father and mother, she is lively, and only in front of outsiders will she be frightened.

  After discussing with her lover, Xiaoxi mother decided to change Xiaoxi to kindergarten.

  At the gate of the kindergarten, Xiaoxi cried and cried, unwilling to let go of his father’s hand.

My mother looked at Xiaoxi’s heartbreaking and really wanted to give up and take her home.

But think about the child’s future development, plus the kindergarten teacher’s energy is: “It doesn’t matter, the child just entered the school, it was like this for the first few days, and that’s it.

“So he was still ruthless and left Xiaoxi in the kindergarten.

  Xiaoxi’s mother did come to her heart, but within three days, the kindergarten called her and asked her to take Xiaoxi home.

It turned out that Xiaoxi had been hiding in the corner since entering the kindergarten.

The teacher used a lot of methods and wanted Xiaoxi to play with the children, but Xiaoxi just ignored people and hid there.

  Xiaoxi mother had no choice but to take Xiaoxi home.

  Back at home, Xiaoxi gradually returned to his original shape, and became lively and cheerful again.  Xiaoxi’s mother was very distressed: If Xiaoxi continued like this, how would he go to school in the future?

  Zhou Yong commented: The current situation of Xiaoxi is due to the fear of life caused by the over-sealed environment in family education.

Such a child, if she does not correct her psychological development direction in time and remove this psychological obstacle, she will not be able to get along with her classmates when she is in primary school, and she will not be able to establish a good cooperative relationship with her colleagues after work.Social life.

In order to change the psychological state of Xiaoxi, the parents of Xiaoxi should complete: Let the children and parents sleep in separate beds, the sooner the better; cultivate the children’s self-confidence, so that they have the courage to go out; often take the children to walk outside and knowSome children of similar age . As long as the parents have perseverance, this situation in Xiaoxi can definitely be improved.

Baby has nasal congestion

Baby has nasal congestion

The nasal cavity is the main channel for the baby to breathe, and it can reset and filter the intake of air to keep the body healthy.

However, babies are prone to the following 5 kinds of nasal congestion, which causes poor ventilation.

  Cold nasal congestion Because the baby’s body temperature regulation center is not perfect, the nasal mucosa is weak, the respiratory tract resistance is poor, and it is easy to catch a cold.

Subsequent acute edema of the nasal mucosa caused nasal congestion.

  Performance: nasal congestion and runny nose, reddish nasal wings, and some accompanied by fever.

  Corrective measures: 1. About half a month after the baby is born, start to add cod liver oil in an appropriate amount; 4 months to add supplementary foods, supplement vitamin A, you can feed some liver mud, carrot puree, vegetable puree to enhance the defense ability of the respiratory tract.

  2. When using air-conditioning, the temperature between the indoor and suburban areas should not be too large.
About 30 seconds is appropriate.

  3. Put a warm and damp towel on the baby’s nose for hot compresses (not too hot) twice a day for about 15 minutes each time.

  Acute sinusitis and nasal congestion can affect the sinus mucosa repeatedly, causing congestion and swelling, increased secretions, and multiple sinus openings that cause acute sinusitis.

  Performance: In addition to nasal symptoms such as nasal congestion, purulent snot, open mouth breathing, etc., heavier symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat, and irritability.

  Corrective measures: 1. If the baby has a feeling, he should be actively treated.

  2. Once you have acute sinusitis, take your baby to the ENT department in time to see a doctor. Under the guidance of the doctor, replace the antibiotics reasonably to completely cure and prevent recurrence.

  3, the baby has severe nasal congestion, can be used cautiously under the guidance of a doctor, 0, 5% ephedrine furacicillin drops, 10 before feeding?
One drop on each nostril for 15 minutes, which usually works within a few minutes.

However, ephedrine has allergies to babies and is not suitable for excessive or long-term use, so as not to cause atrophic rhinitis and affect the olfactory sensitivity of the nose.

  4. If your baby has pus or nasal discharge for a long time, you can ask the doctor to do alternative therapy to remove the purulent secretions in the sinuses.

  The nose and nasal mucous membranes will have a normal amount of secretions every day. Because the baby will not blow his nose, the mother did not clear the secretions in the nasal cavity to the baby in time.It will dry and harden and form nasal pimple.

  Performance: The nasal diaphragm retina is at the outer or deep nasal cavity, and has a double slender nasal passage.

  Corrective measures: 1. Clear the nasal secretions for the baby in time.

  2. Do not squeeze the baby’s nose with your hands when removing the epistaxis, so as not to damage the weak nasal mucosa, causing bleeding and infection.

  Correct method: If the nasal constriction is blocked in the nostril, it can be gently rolled off with a small sterile cotton swab.

If the nasal stains are deep in the nasal cavity, you can use physiological saline, cold water or breast milk to drip into the nostrils 1?
2 drops, let the nasal pimple slowly wet and soften, and then gently squeeze the nasal wing to promote the nasal pimple to loosen gradually, and then remove the nasal pimple with a small cotton swab.