Will gluttony make children stupid?

Experts hold different opinions

Will gluttony make children stupid?

Experts hold different opinions

Core tip: Do children eat too much?

Experts can disagree.

Parents with children at home, go and see what the experts say.

  Discussion topics: The dietary habits of modern people are increasingly biased towards high-fat, high-glycemic diets, which not only cause obesity in children, but may even make children dumb.

  Proponent expert opinion: gluttonous children inhibit brain intellectual development.

  Medical support: The first point: The food we eat needs to be digested and absorbed by the stomach to be used by the body. At this time, a large amount of blood will be concentrated in the stomach.

The brain development of children requires a large amount of blood supply, and it is also a substitute for growth and development. If the child’s brain is often expanded, development will be affected.

  Second point: If the child eats too much, it will cause abdominal distension, indigestion and absorption, and in the long term it will become irritable, irritable, and slow to respond to external things, distracted.

  The third and most important point is that eating too much will transform a large number of fibroblasts and promote arteriosclerosis, so it is believed that gluttony causes premature aging of the brain.

  Disputed expert opinion: The development of the brain is the interaction between multiple factors, and it is impossible to conclude on a single cause.

  Medical support: It has been confirmed that the satiety center in the degraded brain cannot be satisfied, resulting in excessive food intake.

Because it will affect the development of the brain, there is no evidence to prove it, and clinical evidence is insufficient.

  In fact, the experts of the dispute parties also clearly pointed out that the dangers of overeating, and the obesity caused by overeating, are prone to cardiovascular disease.

And children’s eating habits are easily the same as their parents. If the family often eats high blood sugar, high fat foods, and insufficient exercise, it will easily cause problems such as high cholesterol, high blood sugar and even arterial vascular sclerosis in the long term, and adult diseases will gradually become younger.Trend.

Therefore, experts remind parents to pay attention to two points: 1.

Children should establish a good diet, eat more natural foods such as high-fiber green vegetables and fruits, and develop exercise habits to reduce the incidence of disease.


In addition to eating too much, eating too much oil can cause illness, and sudden overeating is also a warning sign of physical abnormalities.

For example, patients with diabetes will overeating because their body organs cannot receive sugar, and they are in a dry state; people with hyperthyroidism because of fast metabolism, active activities, and overeating; if female friends overeating,There may be abnormal endocrine or ovarian disease, it is best to rush to the hospital for treatment and early treatment.

  Summary: Regardless of whether “gluttony makes children stupid” or not, parents cannot relax their vigilance, and don’t let the diet affect the child’s health too much.