Ten types of men women may encounter

Ten types of men women may encounter

A woman has ten must-have relationships in her life, ten steps on the road to true love.

Without going up these steps, you will never be able to stand high and watch the scenery.


Unrequited love is painful and bitter.

If the other party and you are not on the same wavelength, all your talks and grievances are funny in the other party’s eyes.

But if you are willing to bury this feeling in your heart and slowly experience it alone, it can make mellow wine again.


Falling in love at first sight is the best way to fall in love and the way to shake your faith in love.

Because when the magic disappears, you will find that the prince becomes a frog.

Did you fall in love with a frog?

You feel so stupid.


Chasing love can rely on you to take the initiative to work hard, the joy of conquest is unparalleled (so men are happy).

It’s just that chasing down is very skillful. When it first appears, it will only be bombarded wildly. After a little mature, it will pay more attention to strategy. Only when there is a spark in the opponent’s eyes, continue to the next step.

Good hunters are slowly catching.


Some guys in Playboy are absolutely unacceptable. No matter how handsome he is, how handsome he is, how charming he is, taking it home is a scourge, and it makes you sad and cry.


Rich men, men ‘s money has little to do with you: when he loves you, he says that his money is for you to spend (in fact, he has a bottom line in his heart, he will not do it if you spend more); etc.He has little interest in you, and his money has nothing to do with you.


Married men men also have a strong sense of responsibility, but this sense of responsibility makes you very annoyed, because this is not directed at you.


The relationship between Israel and profit is annoying.

When your initial goal is achieved and the other party is still enthusiastic, how do you end?


His betrayal of men, no matter how honest and decent a man looks, is a traitor in his bones. What he has said can be ignored, and those who have loved can hide.

With this in mind, the next time you plan to dedicate yourself, weigh it. Can you bear the consequences of his betrayal?


My empathy promises to be sober when making a promise. Can you guarantee that your feelings will not degenerate?

If not, don’t put love and destiny in a basket easily, at least doing so is responsible to him.


How important is sex to a woman?

Without it, it is important to be fierce; when it is only, its weight is as light as a feather.

If a woman falls in love with a man because of sex, in the end it will only despise him.

This is very different from men.

If it is obvious for sex, you may give up too much.