Eat a healthy diet to prevent aging

Eat a healthy diet to prevent aging Do you have a soft spot for lean meat, but disregard hoof tendons such as pig feet and ox hoofs? In fact, if you think these hamstrings are “useless,” that’s a big mistake.   Higher collagen “pig’s hoof, cow’s hoof, sheep’s hoof, etc. contain relatively rich collagen, which is […]

Get ready for detox in autumn_1

Get ready for detox in autumn Many people will feel skin changes, tightness, dullness, lack of water, and even plaques. Experts say that these phenomena are toxins generated by the skin due to seasonal changes. The method of hydration alone cannot completely change them.   After the summer turns to the fall, the metabolism of the […]

Three skin whitening formulas

Three skin whitening “formulas” It is undeniable that factors such as heredity, attitude to life, toxins in the body, freedom and even age are all factors that affect the skin. Whitening is a comprehensive and long-term homework, so it is also a good way to try and listen to the whitening of others   Whitening should […]

What medicated diet can regulate Qi deficiency

What medicated diet can regulate Qi deficiency Click to buy qi deficiency, you have to replenish qi, I believe everyone knows, but there is some kind of medicated diet for replenishing qi? Let ‘s take a look at the qi deficiency constitution together with the editor, what kind of medicated diet can we take.   What […]

Eight medicinal diets improve rhinitis

Eight medicinal diets improve rhinitis Treatment of rhinitis. Eight major medicinal diets to improve rhinitis. Severe cold and rhinitis were committed. Although rhinitis is not a serious illness, daily nasal congestion is annoying. So, what are the recipes for rhinitis? Today I compiled some, everyone may wish to take a look.   Recipes for the treatment […]

Buy diapers carefully

Buy diapers carefully In general, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine carried out random checks on the quality of diapers (including diapers / pads). The sampling of baby diapers was qualified and replaced 82. 8% of infant diapers / pads qualified to replace 95. 0%. The spot check results show that the […]

Simple bedside yoga

Simple bedside yoga It’s the most natural thing to get up and stretch in the morning. Today, a brand new project, Bedside Yoga, is using this kind of activity to set the tone for you throughout the day and create a calm and contentment that lasts all day. Yoga can help you find the center […]

12 Constellation Beauty Habits _1

12 Constellation Beauty Habits What constellations are easily blinded by advertisements; some constellations are the most impatient with skin care products; which constellations are most interested in buying cosmetics? Let ‘s take a look at the beauty features of the constellation. Do you think you are right? Let us find the perfect clue from our […]