Yoga 8 makes you beautiful from head to toe

Yoga 8 makes you beautiful from head to toe The basic building of yoga is based on ancient Indian philosophy. It can achieve the state of complete control of the mind and emotions by exercising the body and twisting the breath, thereby maintaining a healthy and perfect body forever.   Face-to-knee (constricted thighs and knees) face […]

Yoga by the table keeps you busy

Yoga by the table keeps you busy Is the pressure that makes you breathless? Somehow want to escape? So let’s do table-side yoga together! Outside of work, taking advantage of this time, I am doing this set of “eight-style table-side yoga”, which is suitable for female compatriots at work to exercise at the same time. […]

Three tips for you beyond fractures

Three tips for you beyond fractures If you have osteoporosis, it is important to treat it directly with medicine or calcium. However, it is especially important to avoid the danger that osteoporosis can easily cause: fractures. Implementing fracture prevention measures is one of the important methods for treating osteoporosis. According to the National Health Association, […]

Throat susceptible to air-conditioning disease

Throat susceptible to “air-conditioning disease” The high temperature made the whole city like a steamer, and white-collar workers sat in the office building and enjoyed the coolness. However, the “uninvited guests” in air-conditioned rooms are always endangering their health, especially the throat is most likely to suffer from “air-conditioning disease” at this time. In the […]

Potential mines in DIY beauty_1

Potential mines in DIY beauty Many women have experience in making DIY beauty at home. They use existing fruits and vegetables to make their own facial masks. Everyone thinks it is safer to use these natural materials to make beauty products.Skin killer!   Aloe vera and cucumber-Although they have anti-inflammatory or whitening effects, they may cause […]

Poor sleep promotes middle-aged man

Poor sleep promotes middle-aged man Between 1985 and 1999, researchers at the University of Chicago investigated the sleep status of 149 healthy men, ranging in age from 16 to 83. The survey results show that these men’s sleep was basically stable between the ages of 35 and 50, but the time of deep sleep was […]