Crack the Eight Public Opinions and Get Out of the Slimming Misunderstanding

Crack the Eight Public Opinions and Get Out of the Slimming Misunderstanding

All food is born equal. The work of Cornell University in New York, USA, found that the cause of obesity is not how much other food to eat, and that the transfer through food will accumulate a lot of fat on you.

The reason is simple: in the process of digestion, the body metabolizes proteins and sugars to burn more metabolism than metabolism.

For example, if we consume more than 418 kilojoules (100 kcal) of food, if the food is sugar, only 314 kilojoules (75 kcal) will be converted into body fat, and if the food is rare, thenThere will be a transition of 405 kilojoules (97 kcal) into misfortune.

  Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that only 30% of the accumulated short-term budget per day.

Eat less aunt, especially avoid eating fat, cocoa butter and other foods with high levels of saturated fatty acids (such as butter popcorn, ice cream, etc.).

  Eating dessert foods can’t be divided into good and bad categories. The right amount of food is the key.

If you really want to eat sweets, then eat it with confidence, but the amount of food consumed in other meals must be reduced accordingly.

If you want to eat small desserts often, but don’t want to store snacks, try the cooked fruits, iced water with juice or piled up the sponge cake. These foods not only satisfy your taste, but also are nutritious andNot getting fat.

  Fasting fast foods Not all fast foods are the “natural enemies” of dieters.

An ordinary hamburger, a steak, a roast chicken or a salad with a low-speed seasoning are all delicious foods to choose from.

Of course, chickens or fish with fried fries, milk ice cream and mayonnaise are extremely high in conversion, so dieters should not eat more.

  After the weight rebound, it is difficult to study the experts to make a systematic observation on the weight loss process of obese and non-obese dieters. It is found that weight loss is very easy, there is no so-called “weight gain after weight rebound”One said.

  The amount of weight loss that is reliable and does not harm health is 0 per week.

1 kg.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve this goal is to fast off snacks every day and eat eight minutes at dinner, that’s all.

  Studies have found that pregnant women are more likely to cause high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes in the upper part of the body (upper body and abdomen – apple type) than in the lower part (- pear type).

You may not be able to distribute adulthood, but you can avoid obesity syndrome by losing weight all over the body.

  Dieting is the quickest way to lose weight. Research has found that a large reduction in the metabolism of alternatives to repeated intakes is converted to a “metabolic mode” that will allow the body to conserve energy and reduce metabolic rate.

The more you diet, the better your body’s ability to store energy.

In the long run, repeated dieting can potentially affect weight loss.

Therefore, it is best not to replace the recent overeating with a diet, which will only be counterproductive.

Moreover, dieting for more than three days without restraint has led to gallbladder disease, increased kidney burden, resulting in decreased immunity, irritability, and hair loss.

  You can enjoy the exceptions on the ground and don’t think that there is no cockroach in the food using temporary substitutes.

In order to ensure that the total transient does not exceed the standard, you still have to control the amount of food.

  Temporary partial eclipse is the most effective way to lose weight. In order to lose weight, eating only one type of food (such as fruits and nuts) for a long time is the most unsuccessful way to lose weight.

Losing weight in this way will not only succeed, but once you return to normal diet, your weight will increase quickly.

  Losing excess weight, just looking at what you eat a lot of research shows that dieting and exercise weight loss is better than dieting alone, long-term moderate-intensity exercise is better than occasional short-term exercise.

In the daily life, consciously strengthen the exercise, such as using stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking instead of taking the bus, doing housework instead of waiting for the hour, etc., the effect is better than simply dieting.

  If you are very fat, it is all your wrong body and body size is mostly determined by genes, some people are destined to be obese, and others are not slim at all.

Obese people in childhood are generally difficult to become thinner, because obesity in children makes him have more aunt cells than ordinary people, and once aunt cells exist, they can only increase or decrease and never disappear.

  But genes don’t always control body size, and changes in eating habits and lifestyles can cause tiny cells to shrink.

Some methods can make adult cells smaller: eat low-fat, high-fiber foods such as noodles, rice, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables.

How to care for the body care –

How to care for the body?

As the saying goes, the medicine is not as good as the food supplement, and the food supplement is not as good as the god.

What is God’s supplement?

In reality, it is to replenish the gods, or to raise the gods.

This is often the focus of the spring health work, but it is often overlooked.

Let’s take a look at how the health experts are introduced!

  God refers to the spirit, consciousness, and thinking that is the high-level neurological activity of the human brain.

To replenish the spirit is to maintain the psychological balance of the human body through the methods of nourishing the mind, comforting the mind and will, so as to achieve the purpose of fitness and health.

Spring is the season of all things, and as the person corresponding to the heavens and the earth, it is particularly important to make up the gods.

  After the arrival of spring, with the rising Chunyang, the physiological activities of others will change and change the seasons, and the psychological activities of people will change accordingly.

Min Haoyun: “Spring child face, three days change.

According to medical meteorological research, when the climate is warm and cold, the changing climate often makes it difficult for many people to adapt, and there are emotional instability, multiple dreams, hyperactivity, difficulty in concentration, and other psychological discomforts.

Those who are particularly sensitive to climate change, even to the extent of intolerance, lead to morbid emotions such as excitement, anger, and nothing.

This is also the reason why the so-called “cauliflower yellow, madman busy”, mental illness is easy to relapse in the spring.

  In addition, into the spring, as the temperature rises, the pores of the skin stretch, the blood vessels expand, the blood flow of the skin increases, the blood supply to the brain decreases accordingly, and the brain is relatively deficient in oxygen.

At the same time, due to the increase of air humidity, the body’s water can not be evaporated from the sweat glands, affecting the normal secretion and metabolism of body fluids, and at the same time making people feel warm and mellow, and produce good sedative and hypnotic effects on the human body.

These can be manifested as “spring sleepy” diseases such as listlessness, sleepiness, fatigue and lack of energy in the central nervous system.

  The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the mind is the mind.

If the function of the mind is normal, then the spirit is uplifted, the mind is clear, the thinking is agile, and the response to the external information is sensitive and normal.

At the same time, it is believed that the liver main venting, regulating the emotions, the function of the liver is normal, the air machine is smooth, the blood and the tone, the mood is easy to be harmonious, cheerful and broad.

Therefore, the best way to change the above situation is to seek their own Yaxing according to their physical physique and hobbies, to raise their minds and to calm their minds.

  The most important thing is to get close to nature.

Green is the true nature of nature.

The green world of lawns, green forests, green leaves, safflowers, grains, vegetables, fruits and other plants is where the world returns to nature and returns to nature.

Often in the green environment, breathing fresh air, as well as eating vegetables and fruits containing more chlorophyll, is one of the secrets of human growth.

This is especially important and prominent in the spring.

  With the advent of spring, the yang that has been closed for a winter is also gradually emerging. People’s spiritual and emotional activities are generally active, and there is a sense of “long-term thinking.”

In the bright spring, the wind and the beautiful day, in the nature, climb the flowers, step on the green, ask the willows, put in the birds and flowers, breathe the fresh air, stretch the bones of the body, causing people to feel refreshed and refreshed, the spirit isA vibrate.

At this time, it is not advisable to sit alone, to be depressed, to disturb the mind in vain.

The menstrual cycle is actually a good friend of weight loss

The menstrual cycle is actually a good friend of weight loss

If you have been struggling to find an optimal weight loss program, then it is necessary to convert the weight loss idea.

In fact, God has already given you a slimming spot with half the effort, but you never get your knowledge.

Let us grasp this golden moment to implement the weight loss plan now!

  ◆ Daily “slimming moment” AM6:00?
Breakfast time is 9:00.

  Breakfast is an important source of energy for a new day, so don’t rush.

A protein-rich breakfast can help you get rid of the heat, and the best choices include eggs, sausages, and yoghurt.

If you prefer sweetness, fresh fruit and oatmeal are also good choices.

In the morning, my aunt is not easy to accumulate, so you can fully enjoy your stomach, so as to avoid eating too much in the middle and late meals due to obesity.

PM2:00 lunch time is up.

  This meal should be balanced and balanced. Chicken and fish are rich sources of protein. Vegetables and fruits are essential vitamin supplements, and proper supplementation of nuts and olive oil is good for health.

  PM4:30 needs to replenish energy at this time.

  You can eat vegetable salad or eat an apple, which adds strength and suppresses the desire to expect an upcoming dinner.

AM6:00 is the easiest to gain weight when eating. Of course, from another point of view, if you control well, it will be easier to become thinner.

Be sure to force yourself to develop the habit of not eating any more after 9 pm every day. Over time, when the diet becomes a habit, the body will become thinner as you get thinner.

  ◆ The monthly “slimming moment” can’t be imagined, that is, the good friend who comes every month – the menstrual cycle, actually can be a good friend for your slimming.

All you have to do is implement different weight-loss plans in different physiological organs.

  During the visit period of good friends, these days are the most frail period for women. In addition to the sluggish abdominal pain caused by menstrual cramps, the body temperature is reduced, the metabolism is slow, all the intense slimming exercises and special diet control.If you take the “this bus”, you will only feel uncomfortable because of the pressure brought by weight loss, let alone lose weight and good results.

Therefore, during the period of menstrual cramps, all you have to do is to relax yourself, add rich iron and fiber foods, walk on the road gracefully, and do some simple warm-up exercises.
  One week after the end of menstruation, I hope that the weight loss effect will be played at the speed of the bullet train. It is not wrong to try to implement your slimming plan during this time. Because the female hormone is secreted in a large amount, you are almost happy and the whole physiological cells are active.Good digestion, good absorption, rapid metabolism, physiological and psychological are in the state of inversion peaks, and with the combination of diet control and sports fat burning, you can definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

Of course, iron, minerals and other nutritional supplements are indispensable, and even diet control should be implemented under the principle of balanced nutrition.

  During this stage of ovulation, lutein will be secreted a lot after estrogen, and the appearance of lutein will bring some physical and psychological changes to women. For example, the metabolic rate is slowly decreasing, and the appetite is wide open and the appetite is greatly increased.

In addition to adopting a gradual approach to flatten the energy absorbed per day with the energy consumed, the most important thing is to improve the metabolic function, and to improve the metabolic function with simple and effortless breathing methods, and make full use of the cell activity.Both have slimming effect.

  A week before the arrival of menstruation, women in this order will find that their legs are swollen, their backs are painful, and they have occasional constipation.

Of course, you may have a bad temper, and even a few acne on your body. These are the so-called premenstrual syndromes.

At this time, the slimming plan should be adapted to the natural comfort of the body and changed to a gentle slimming method, sometimes diligent massage and finger pressure to relieve the leg water retention and constipation.

Anti-aging two key three strokes six

Anti-aging two key three strokes six

No woman wants to hang on like this. We will tighten our youth and beauty, but we will not be able to stop the general trend of their disappearance.

However, when technology gives us unlimited expectations about youth, we can allow ourselves to be more beautiful and lasting.

Many people’s direct association with anti-aging is to apply high-priced skin care products, otherwise it is the skin peeling, wrinkle removal, moving the knife to repair the whole body or the body is not satisfied with the ageing, these can only be regarded as the surfaceeffort.


hzh {display: none; }  专家:丁绮文  荣新诊所副院长  书田诊所主任医师  美国抗衰老医学会专科医师  不管妳打算用什么方式进行抗老大作战,有两大关键决定妳的抗老行动是否Success, that is, the right medicine and the body to start.

Ding Yiwen, a well-known anti-aging doctor in China, said that anti-aging light is to trim the facade, just like replacing the old spring bed with new bedding. The appearance is bright and beautiful, and it is still uncomfortable to sleep. It can only be solved by internal repair and maintenance.

  In vivo aging is easily overlooked and found that the shell has a few more wrinkles, and the body begins to feel sore on the side of the acid, is it aging?

Ding Yuwen reminded that the aging of the human body begins from the body. When the cockroaches find that the years have left traces in the tibia, in fact, cockroaches are already old and well displaced.

  Ding Yuwen said that the human body function peaked at about 25 years old and has since declined since then, and the slope has become larger after the age of 35.

Since aging begins with invisible cell aging, it is easy to be ignored, just as the car is usually not maintained, and the problem is overhaul as soon as the problem arises.

  In the case of the right medicine, “anti-aging must be successful, we must first detect the weakness of the body organs.” Everyone will deteriorate, but the personal factors affecting the intensification are not the same. Therefore, anti-aging actions should be tailor-made for individual needs.
You can find the weakness of the body through the classification of biochemical tests and precision instruments. You can use the “drug” (anti-aging method) on the “disease” (problem point) to avoid the evil.

  Furthermore, the age of cells begins to repair the necessary self-nutrition of the cells to provide energy. In addition to correcting bad eating habits, the correct choice of nutritional supplements can do more with less.

  Anti-aging test to capture weaknesses The purpose of anti-aging testing is to help find physical weaknesses, and then to adjust the diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, etc., to create a “personalized anti-aging formula”.

  ★ Disease detection must first carry out basic biochemical tests such as blood, urine, feces and liver, kidney, blood sugar, tumors, etc., and therefore, hepatitis, tumor markers, endocrine function tests, and the purpose of disease detection is to “fix first”Refining.”

  Because the disease can also cause the decline of the human body function and accelerate the deterioration, therefore, the principle of anti-aging is to treat the disease first and then talk about anti-aging, to confirm whether there is a related disease in the body, and to talk about anti-aging after the treatment of the disease.

  ★ Antioxidant vitamin analysis studies indicate that more than 85% of human diseases (such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, etc.) are associated with free radicals. Balanced and moderate antioxidant vitamins help prevent free radical damage to the human body.

  Determine the concentration of anti-oxidant vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, lutein, lycopene, coenzyme Q10) in the plasma by blood sampling to determine how much combat power you have, and then decideHow to fight against the old.

  ★ Hormone concentration analysis Ding Yuwen said that growth hormone, melatonin, thyroxine, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), sex hormones, five kinds of hormones will cause aging in the body, through the detection of in vivo concentration, can also effectively findThe key to youth.

  Through the interaction between hormones, the body can be fine-tuned to the best state. When one type of hormone is reduced, it will also affect other hormonal changes. Therefore, Ding Yuwen reminds that hormone supplement is not necessarily blind pursuit of high concentration.To make youth permanent, the ideal hormone supplement should be based on individual needs, what is missing, and must correctly calculate the weight and monitor blood concentration and metabolic status, without the help of a physician is prone to sequelae.

  Is the nutritional supplement correct?

  ★Customized nutrition supplements Due to the lack of single nutrient concentration in natural foods, environmental pollution, pesticides and heavy metal residues, natural foods are extracted through high-tech extraction, and the purified health foods become the most anti-aging.Good allies.

  There are at least 2,000 types of nutritional supplements in the market to promote health. But not everyone needs the same kind and equal amount of nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplements may have an additive effect on the human body and whether there are other medications.There are contraindications (such as the addition of ginkgo and aspirin, causing coagulation problems, should not be used at the same time), personal nutritional supplements are best used by physicians after evaluation.

  ★ Metabolic examination determines the amount of supplement Ding Yuwen specifically pointed out that the daily nutritional supplement recommended by the Department of Health is only a reference principle for nutritional supplements. Due to the difference in life, diet, activity patterns and health status of each person, the nutritional needs will be different.In addition to the selection of nutritional varieties, the amount of supplementation is also a point to be aware of.

  The same amount of nutrients are different depending on the absorption status of each person, and the metabolic reaction is also different. By measuring the blood concentration, the actual effective concentration in the body after eating is known, and then it is determined whether the supplement amount is sufficient.

  Anti-aging test is different according to the equipment and characteristics of each health check center. It can be divided into single test or set according to individual needs. The cost can also be detected. It is recommended that the big girls can communicate with the doctors.After that, select the test items according to individual needs.

  Three recipes for health and youth.

hzh {display: none; }  第一招:融合生活不麻烦   常有魅丽美女虽然知道健康很重要,但总认为养生好像非得搞的万般麻烦一样,根本无从做起,想到就累。For Luo Lifen who cares about supplementing, if she wants her a few dollars, that is a few things, it can’t be done. Take the health porridge as an example. She likes all kinds of cereal ingredients, just take a small meal, Jane.It’s easy to integrate health into your life with no care.

  The second measure: Responsible to love yourself, Luo Lifen believes that health care is very important, that is, to be responsible for yourself, to talk to yourself, to understand what you really need, each person’s physical condition, physical fitness, health care focusdifferent.

Health is not to eat other people say healthy food, or to understand their own situation, to replace those who really need it to have a health effect.

  The third measure: self-reconstruction and progress In addition to doing it, self-reset is also an indispensable effort.

Luo Lifen uses self-reconstruction to help him correct the badly done places in a timely manner. For her, this can make herself better and see her progress. The happiness that comes from this progress is also a continuous heart.The motivation to go down.

  Not the old six-style beauty resident in the first style: health porridge simple to do from the age of thirty-five, Luo Lifen daily breakfast is a bowl of health porridge, change in the porridge to add walnuts, yam, lily, loofah, white radish, coix seedA very helpful material for women, a bowl of health porridge, simple but not monotonous.

The procedure is also very easy. Prepare the ingredients first. Put them in the electric pot before going to bed and let them slowly stew. The next day, you can eat the nutrition porridge with nutrition score.

  Luo Lifen reminds the beauty of the beauty, the rough and unhealthy shell food (such as walnut) is easy to damage the protective film of the gastrointestinal tract, it is best to use the “煨” way to make it combine with porridge, nutrition and good absorption.

  The second type: Three bowls of philosophy are easy to remember. Three bowls of philosophy sounds like a university question, but it is a very easy way to get started.

A bowl of staple food, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of soup, this three-hearted philosophical figure can’t be forgotten, completely in line with Luo Lifen’s principle of “health is to be integrated into life”. The three bowls of philosophy are not partial, but the amount isThe basic skills of health is best practiced.   The third type: the juice before going to bed is very extra points. Luo Lifen said that the potential trace elements in the fruit can help the absorption of nutrients.

Many people think that fruits need to be fresh, so Luo Lifen has some different opinions. The advantage of eating fresh fruits is that they can eat enough crude fiber, but if you want to get enough nutrients, the type and amount you want to eat will be relative.Too much, invisibly will support our stomach, but it has an impact on health. Therefore, she chooses to remove the excess juice from the vegetable juice to meet the health needs.

Delicious fattening recipe: fragrant bee cheese cake

Delicious fattening recipe: fragrant bee cheese cake

The material of the bee cheese cake: Ingredients: cheese 300 g Accessories: milk 90 g, gelatin 4 g, cream 200 g, lemon balm 10 g seasoning: 100 g of red sugar, 100 g of white wine, 10 g of lemon juiceThe practice of bee cheese cake: 1.

The lemon is squeezed, and the lemon balm is washed and ground into a powder by a grinder;

The cream cheese is converted back to warm softening by means of water heating;

Add the fine sugar and mix the milk until it is free of granules;

Add the mint wine and mix well; 5.

Gelatine is soaked in ice water, poured into the cream cheese and mixed well;

When the animal whipped cream is beaten to 6 with an egg beater, pour it into the cream cheese; 7.

Add the lemon balm powder and mix well; 8.

Finally, pour the cream cheese into a small baking mold and smooth it with a spatula;

Finally, it is added to the freezer and frozen at -18 °C for about 30 minutes.

  Food phase cheese: cheese bogey and squid with food; do not eat fruit about 1 hour before and after eating cheese; people taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors should avoid eating cheese.

Symptoms of sinusitis have some common manifestations

Symptoms of sinusitis have some common manifestations

Many people have sinusitis and it is easy to find that they have sinusitis. Because they do not understand the symptoms of sinusitis, patients often treat sinusitis as a common cold in the early stages of the disease, so they often miss the best treatment time.What are the common symptoms of sinusitis?

If you find the following performance, it may be sinusitis, which needs to be recognized.

Symptoms of sinusitis are as follows, nasal secretions increase, this is a common symptom of sinusitis, which can be unilateral or dual.

The nasal secretions are perforated to the anterior nasal orifice, or flow backward into the nasopharynx. Patients often complain of “痰多”.

The secretion is mucopurulent or purulent, and sometimes the patient feels stench.

Second, the nasal veins on both ends of the nose or both sides are separated, and the morning is even worse.

Slightly mild nasal secretions, sinusitis range and climate change.

The sense of smell is also insensitive after the snot occurs.

In patients with acute sinusitis, the nose is even more so.

Third, headache and local pain and pain are also common symptoms of sinusitis, which are caused by swelling of the sinus mucosa and secretion of nerves.

The pain that occurs in sinusitis almost completely leads to the diseased sinus, often reflecting to other locations on the head.

Typical acute sinusitis symptoms other than headache include sinus congestion, purulent sputum, temporary dysosmia, chills, fever, loss of appetite, constipation, and general discomfort.

Smaller children can have symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and cough.

Pussy sputum can also cause throat discomfort, sore throat and so on.

Severe acute sinusitis may cause infection in the eye, but it must be replaced by the widespread use of antibiotics, such as acute sinusitis, such as eyelid infection.

Deceived taste buds diet to lose weight 10 magic weapon

Deceived taste buds diet to lose weight 10 magic weapon

What did you eat?

The stomach and taste buds may be silly and unclear!

Some people eat less and eat well, but they are very satisfied and satisfied!

How did you do it?

A few magic weapons let you learn, it is absolutely easy to deceive the taste. magic weapon 1.

The selection of light-tasting ingredients is not strong, and when replaced with other ingredients, there is no obvious difference.

Such as tofu, soy milk, glutinous rice, cold weather, etc. are very suitable.

  Magic weapon 2.

The use of seafood’s savory seafood can also be said to be a light-tasting ingredient, and the transformation phase is separated. As long as you remember the seasonings, you can make good use of it!

  Magic weapon 3.

The nutrients contained in the mushroom-like mushrooms are similar to those in the meat. The taste of the mushrooms is also very similar to meat.

  Magic weapon 4.

The use of sauce seasonings can be said to be the key to cooking, and the use of soy sauce, miso, and wind sauce, commonly used in Taiwanese cuisine, five-flavored sauce, garlic sauce, sweet and sour, can fully produce low-card monotonous food to create a rich taste.

  Magic weapon 5.

Choosing ingredients with similar taste will make you taste similar, and you can also create an illusion to fool the taste!

  Magic weapon 6.

The sweet taste of the salty expert can bring out the sweetness and reduce the actual sweetness.

  Magic weapon 7.

Appearance, fragrance can also deceive cocoa, vanilla, fruit, caramel, are very suitable to replace high-purity desserts.

In addition, curry, pepper and other spices have a good effect in enhancing the fragrance.

  Magic weapon 8.

The healthy fragrance that smells full is not hungry, but the mouth is very embarrassing?

There are manufacturers specializing in the appetite-controlling aroma products, using natural aroma crystal molecules to help you control your appetite!

Aroma products that are convenient to control appetite, have a variety of different flavors, smell 5 minutes before and after eating, can reduce the amount of food!

In fact, brushing and bathing can achieve similar effects. Use green tea, peppermint essential oil or bath salt in the bath to make the whole body comfortable and the appetite can be reduced immediately!

  Magic weapon 9.

The zero-migration beverage that keeps the health and relieves the heat is not drinking the unscented boiled water?

From the precious milk, soda, add ice coffee farther away!

If you want to be healthy and thin, and want to drink something special, you still have a lot of choices!

Want a little bubble?

Try a bubble mineral water + cold green tea bag, add some fresh lemon juice or grapefruit juice, a tropical delight!

The weather is too hot to let you feel upset?

At this time, sweet and sweet hazelnut tea, hot drink, ice drink, can!

Want to go to summer, eliminate fire, edema, may wish to add some beautiful chrysanthemums!

Don’t underestimate them!

A cup of rich drink makes you feel happy and full, especially when you are in your mouth!

  Magic weapon 10.

The food that makes you hungry is also food. The roots and stems are more hunger than the rice, and the vegetables are better than the roots or fruits!This kind of food that you feel has been suffering for a long time has a low value.

  So, don’t hinder the replacement of your food like this: Hungry ingredients/transformed into drought-tolerant ingredients/converted value rice/3444 replaced with sweet potato/1573 or corn sausage/662 replaced with tea egg fish soup/1056 replaced with tofuSoup banana / 1304 replaced with tomato pineapple / 1090 replaced with pear

Get rid of the bondage of the small chest

Get rid of the bondage of the small chest

I used to think that the food inside is not necessarily as superficial as they are, but also for men.
But gradually I found that this is not only related to the beauty of the United States, but more importantly, it has already touched the bottom line of self-esteem.
I decided to change myself, I want to be a perfect woman!
  My name is Zhao Min and I am the assistant director of the model company.
I have been working for 3 years, but I haven’t had any signs of upgrading.
I work very hard at ordinary times, but I will not let go of any chance, but it is useless.
I never understood why this was until one day, I was ruthlessly insulted!
I realized that all the efforts I had done in the past were in vain, and no one noticed me at all!
  On that day, I used my makeup as usual to go to work and wore a white translucent shirt.
I think that the makeup of the day was good, so I took a photo in the data room.
Just as I walked out of the data room, I came across several models that the company recently invited.
They have always been very proud, they are very sexy and tall, I have not liked them very much.
When they saw me, they didn’t even say hello. What made me angry most was that they even uttered insults.
One of them said: “Without the chest, I dare to wear transparent clothes.
“The other said: “If it is not the gender on the ID card, I thought I was a shemale.
“It was too much. I wanted to beat their hair on the spot, but the director came over and said that they had time to advertise, let them hurry.”
When they left, they looked at my chest very contemptuously, so that my fire would not hit one place!
Don’t let your chest bind your life!
Come see how breasts are!
>>>小编推荐:那英不老仙妈 越活越年轻的秘密性感女神张馨予 性感透视双峰挺立秦岚为拍戏暴瘦 轻松减 肥不反弹王菲被盛赞逆生长 自爆保养的秘籍  被侮辱自尊的那一天,I have no intention of working, I am going to go home on sick leave.
As soon as I got home, I immediately went online to find a way to breast enlargement.
Yes, the most unbearable thing in my life is that others insult my self-esteem.
Now those models dare to laugh at me, and one day I will let them feel helpless!
How big is the impact of chest small on life?
>>> I personally reject the breast augmentation in the hospital, although the effect will appear soon, but it is not good for the body.
I have been drinking soy pork leg soup for a month, eating red dates peanut black rice porridge, eating a papaya in the morning and evening.
But the effect was really small. Later, I went to see Chinese medicine. The doctor said that my physical condition was relatively empty. I gave a few medications to make up for it.
The doctor knows that I am breast enhancement, I recommend that I buy a breast enhancement product called red wine papaya soup.
I hesitated, how about the doctor?
are there any side effects?
Because I am not very daring to use breast enhancement products, I am always worried about a rebound.
The doctor smiled. She said that she was using it because she had just given birth to her second child, her chest was drooping heavily, she didn’t have milk to drink for her baby, and she listened to her friend’s recommendation, so I tried it and it worked well.
I said, “Are you a doctor who uses breast enhancement products for advertising outside?”
She said that if you are eager to seek success, you can try.
After talking with the doctor, I immediately went to buy 12 boxes, listening to the customer service MM said that 12 boxes are perfect and strong, absolutely able to achieve my unexpected results.
  After using a box, the surprise appeared!
My chest really went up with a cup. I didn’t wear underwear in this photo, but the plump lines were still visible. I was really overjoyed. It was difficult to express how happy I was with words.
How amazing is the breast enhancement effect of red wine papaya soup?>>>>小编推荐:那英不老仙妈 越活越年轻的秘密性感女神张馨予 性感透视双峰挺立秦岚为拍戏暴瘦 轻松减 肥不反弹王菲被盛赞逆生长 自爆保养的秘籍  我看了一下说明书,The above does say that there are signs of regrets in a few days, and what effect will be achieved in a few dozen days.
I checked the information before I purchased it and determined that it was all natural plant ingredients. I dared to start with red polyphenols, green papaya, Pueraria lobata and collagen peptides.
A cup of red wine papaya soup is brewed with warm water every day. It tastes sour and sweet, just like the taste of fruit lollipops.
I bought 12 boxes of red wine papaya soup, the price is less than 3,000 yuan, and I also gave me 8 Boleti creams, I feel full value.
After drinking and then massage with a beautiful cream, the effect will be better. I insist on it every day, and the breast enhancement project is included in my daily work.
Since I have used this red wine papaya soup, I am full of hope and expectation every day.
  Now I can tell you very calmly that my breasts have succeeded.
The family saw me very surprised, and my mother said that I would buy her a red wine papaya soup as a mother’s day gift.
I don’t know if it is because of the success of breast enhancement, my career has begun to skyrocket, taking over the position of customer director.
Those models who once laughed at me saw me going around, for fear that I would find them in trouble, and would give me expensive things in the job space to please me.
A box of red wine papaya soup made me ecstatic.
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How to cook eggs to be both nutritious and delicious

How to cook eggs to be both nutritious and delicious

Boiled eggs are rich in nutrients and are one of the must-have items for many families. Raw eggs are not only contaminated with Salmonella, but also anti-enzyme and avidin.

So do you know the extent to which boiled eggs are both nutritious and delicious?

To prevent the loss of nutrients, here are a few tips to master when cooking eggs.

  The water must not pass the egg, otherwise the protein will not solidify and affect digestion.

  Raw eggs not only have Salmonella contamination problems, but also anti-enzyme and avidin.
The former affects the digestion and absorption of proteins; other energy combines with biotin in food, resulting in a lack of biotin in the body, causing mental fatigue, muscle soreness and other symptoms.

  If the egg is boiled in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, a series of chemical changes will occur inside.

The protein structure becomes more compact and is not easily contacted with protein digestive enzymes in the gastric juice, so it is difficult to digest.

In addition, the methionine in the egg is continuously heated to decompose the sulfide, which reacts with the iron in the egg yolk to form iron sulfide which is not easily absorbed by the human body, and the nutrient loss is reduced.

  Soak the egg in cold water for a while before cooking to reduce the pressure inside the egg; then use medium heat and boil in cold water to prevent the eggshell from rupturing and avoid nutrient loss.

  Boiled eggs seem simple, but it is difficult to grasp the heat.

The time is too short, the egg yolk is not cooked, and the time is too long and the egg is not ready to eat.

Conduct, experts told us: boiled eggs for 5 minutes is best.

  The specific method: cool underwater pot, after the water is opened for 5 minutes, the boiled eggs are killed by harmful pathogens, and can preserve nutrients more completely.

  If the egg is boiled in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, a series of chemical changes will occur inside.
The protein structure becomes more compact and is not easily contacted with protein digestive enzymes in the gastric juice, so it is difficult to digest.
In addition, the methionine in the egg is continuously heated to decompose the sulfide, which reacts with the iron in the egg yolk to form iron sulfide which is not easily absorbed by the human body, and the nutrient loss is reduced.

How long does chronic superficial antral sinusitis have a good diet?

How long does chronic superficial antral sinusitis have a good diet?

How long is superficial antral sinusitis?

The main symptom of superficial antral sinusitis is pain.

Many people may not know much about superficial antral sinusitis.

Therefore, the treatment of superficial antral sinusitis was delayed.

So, how long is superficial antral sinusitis?

What are the precautions in the diet?

How long is superficial antral sinusitis?

1, superficial antral sinusitis cure time due to mental health unhealthy, long-term mental stress, anxiety or depression, can cause systemic sympathetic and parasympathetic dysfunction.

Lead to vasomotor dysfunction of gastric mucosa, resulting in decreased blood flow in the gastric mucosa, destroying the gastric mucosal barrier and forming a chronic inflammatory response of the gastric mucosa.

Most superficial gastritis symptoms disappear on their own and can be completely restored after several months or years of distortion.

2, superficial antral sinusitis for the body damage through the superficial antral sinusitis to take medicine for their own injuries, eating wrong, bad for the body, and can not solve the problem.

Be sure to go to the hospital for a checkup, take a gastroscope, see how far the gastritis is, and then eat according to the doctor’s medicine.

This can be good fast.

During a stomachache, don’t eat hard food, eat more easily digestible, and softer foods.

Eat more millet porridge, you can raise your stomach.

If you are a male, remember to not drink alcohol or smoke. Drinking and smoking is very irritating to the stomach.

Superficial antral sinusitis diet considerations to avoid eating a variety of irritating foods.

Such as spirits, espresso, raw garlic mustard and other foods that have damage to the gastric mucosa, while avoiding eating too hard, too acidic, too spicy, too cold, too much and too rough food.

You can use easy-to-digest foods and pay attention to cooking methods such as frying and supplementing.

Food should be light and soft.

Increase nutrition, pay attention to choose protein foods with high nutritional value and soft foods rich in vitamins, such as milk, tofu, carrots and some fermented foods, food should be chewed slowly.

Diet should be regular, regular quantitative, not overeating, develop good eating habits, reduce the burden on the stomach.

The three-course meal allowance allows for regular meals at the meal.

Pay attention to food mix, it is best to have dry and thin, protein food and a small amount of staple food.

Patients should eat soft rice that is easy to digest. Eat more foods containing plant protein and vitamins, such as tofu and carrots. Soymilk, which has high nutrient nutrition and protects the gastric mucosa, should be listed as a common food.

Food selection Note: Food choices Food choices Food choices Food choices Food choices Quit irritating foods: coffee, wine, gravy, pepper, mustard, pepper, etc. These can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice or damage the gastric mucosaFood should be avoided.

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