Walking is the best place to exercise

Walking is the best place to exercise

Why walking is good for diabetes?


Walking can reduce blood sugar Walking can reduce insulin resistance: ① Walking can increase the increase of insulin receptors, increase the receptor receptor binding power, enhance the effect of insulin receptors, and improve glucose utilization; ② Walking can increase tissue sensitivity to insulinIt improves insulin resistance and promotes glucose uptake and utilization by muscle cells.


Walking can reduce insulin consumption during glucose metabolism.

Walking can suppress elevated blood sugar after a meal.


Walking can lower blood lipids. Walking energy enhances muscle lipoprotein activity. Recombinant muscle cells use fatty acids to lower serum cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein plasma, and increase high-density lipoprotein plasma.


Walking can reduce the increased energy consumption of walking energy, the breakdown of metabolic abnormal tissues, increase the use of free fatty acids in the blood, thereby consuming a large amount of feces and consuming excess glucose, so that it does not transform into feces, thereby reducing the accumulation of heterobiotic bacteriaLose weight.


Walking can lower blood pressure. Walking helps prevent atherosclerosis, enhances blood vessel elasticity, and helps reduce high blood pressure.


Walking can reduce blood viscosity. Walking can reduce blood viscosity. It can reduce blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis, and help prevent complications such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.


Walking can increase disease resistance.
Can improve the body’s metabolism, enhance physical fitness, enhance the body’s disease resistance.


Walking helps the body to be happy. Walking can improve the body’s balance function, improve thinking, refresh one’s spirit, feel happy, reduce mental stress, and maintain physical health.

  How to ensure effective walking?

  To ensure the effectiveness of walking in diabetes, you should pay attention to: 1.

Preparation before walking ① Choose shoes that fit comfortably.

Shoes should be loose, with good air permeability and good airtightness; choose cotton socks with moderate thickness and good water absorption.

Check for foreign bodies in shoes before putting on shoes. ② Prepare some snacks. Once you experience low blood sugar reactions such as dizziness, obesity, sweating, hand trembling, and palpitation during walking, stop walking immediately and eat snacks and water.


What time should I choose to walk after 30?
60 minutes, 30 minutes each, 3 weeks a week?
5 times.

It is not advisable to walk on an empty stomach or before meals to avoid hypoglycemia.


For walking venues, choose parks, stadiums, buildings and other green areas.


Choice of walking exercise amount The walking exercise amount varies from person to person.

According to your age, physical fitness, blood sugar level, etc., choose a walking method that suits you.

The walking methods are: ① Step slowly: about 60 minutes per minute?
70 steps, suitable for people over 60 years of age; ② Quick step: walk about 120 steps per minute, suitable for those under 60; ③ Sprint: Walk about 150 steps per minute, suitable for overweight and obese people; ④ Free step: completely free, And go and stop, fast and slow.


Judging the amount of walking exercise The amount of walking exercise is too small to achieve the effect of lowering blood sugar; too much walking exercise will increase blood sugar and aggravate the condition.

How to judge the right amount of walking exercise?

  ① Self-sensing method: Sweating slightly during walking, speaking freely, relaxed and happy, indicating that the amount of exercise is moderate; walking, sweating, speaking quickly, panting, indicating excessive exercise.
  ② Pulse measurement method: 170-age = pulse (times / minute).

Walking posture ① Head up and chest up, eyes fixed on the front; ② Holding an empty fist, the elbow joint naturally bends, downwards, and relaxes backward, so that it swings close to the body; ③ Straighten the back and gently retract the abs; ④ Heel firstOn the ground, the feet roll forward, and the toes touch the ground; ⑤ The pace is natural and powerful, the pace is moderate and comfortable, and the steps are light and agile; ⑥ Breath evenly and freely.

Eat radish in the early spring to prevent colds

Eat radish in the early spring to prevent colds

How can radish cure disease?

Is it a cure?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Chen Ruifang said that radish has a high edible and medicinal value. Raw food has a bitter coldness, and cooked food has a sweet coldness. The most important effect is to benefit the stomach, smooth the air, and digestion.

Li Shizhen clearly pointed out in the Compendium of Materia Medica that radish can “give up the energy, eliminate the valleys and neutralize the heat, and remove the evil heat”. The folk even said that “eating radish vegetables often is not harmful.”Very high.

According to modern nutrition research, radish is indeed rich in nutrients. In addition to glucose, sucrose, fructose, crude fiber, vitamin C and a variety of minerals and a small amount of crude protein, it also contains a variety of amino acids. More food can improve the bodyIts immune ability can even inhibit the growth of sulfates, so it has been continuously included in anti-cancer recipes.

  Chen Ruifang pointed out that from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, people have been immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the festival. During this period, big fish and meat dinners are indispensable. Meat and greasy food are eaten too much. Digestive diseases come naturally.Stomach distension, loss of appetite, constipation and other symptoms. At this time, buy more crisp and tender radish, cut into shreds, mix with an appropriate amount of vinegar and sugar.Helps digestion.

  Use radish tea to prevent colds. In the early spring, the temperature is still warm, and the indoor temperature is still continuous. Especially in the evening, people who have a noticeable decrease in physical strength and weakness can easily feel the cold and trigger a cold.

Coupled with the heavy gastrointestinal burden during the festival, some stagnation is also a cause of cold and fever.

Chen Ruifang pointed out that, in fact, using radish to boil water for tea can also be mixed with colds.

The specific method is as follows: take half a catty of fresh and juicy white radish, without peeling, wash and cut into thin slices, add 3 bowls of water, cook into two bowls, pour one bowl while hot, add an appropriate amount of sugar, orIt is called directly; warm the second bowl after another hour.

Serving for two or three days in this way can effectively prevent colds.

  It should be specially reminded that due to the coldness of radishes, those with spleen and stomach deficiency or yin and coldness should not eat more.

In addition, patients with duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers and chronic gastritis should avoid eating radix and patients with chronic gastritis should not eat radishes.

In view of the effect of radish, it is not suitable for people who are taking traditional Chinese medicine, especially ginseng, raw land, mature land, Shouwu, etc., to eat radish at the same time.

  In the early spring season, Yang Qi rose, Professor Chen Ruifang, director of the health department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that at this time, the Yang Qi in the human body also developed in response to the Chun Yang Qi, and the metabolism was strong.From the perspective of diet, the main emphasis of dietary nutrition is on “Fuyang”, which is suitable for eating more foods with divergent properties of Xingan, and less foods with acid harvesting effect, so that the body’s yang will rise and be healthy.

Among the many fruits and vegetables that can be used in season, the delicious and juicy white radish can not only help the digestion, but also prevent colds. It is one of the cheapest and most effective “health vegetables” in early spring.

Three tips for you beyond fractures

Three tips for you beyond fractures

If you have osteoporosis, it is important to treat it directly with medicine or calcium.

However, it is especially important to avoid the danger that osteoporosis can easily cause: fractures.

Implementing fracture prevention measures is one of the important methods for treating osteoporosis.

According to the National Health Association, osteoporosis causes 1.5 million fractures each year.

Damaged bones not only cause pain and inconvenience to people, they may endanger people’s health, and sometimes even have permanent adverse effects on your health.

So what should we do to avoid the fracture and painful recovery process after fracture?

Here are 6 tips for preventing fractures that every friend with osteoporosis should know.

You can consult a doctor or change some lifestyle habits, which can help reduce the incidence of fractures.

  The nature of rare earth fracture prevention: People with osteoporosis are generally prone to fracture.

Fractures of the hand joints, tibia, and spine are the most common phenomena.

The consequences are extremely serious.

Every year 700,000 people with osteoporosis suffer fractures in their vertebrae, and many of them suffer from chronic pain.

This year, half of the 300,000 patients with osteoporosis of the tibia were unable to walk again by themselves.

What is even more alarming is that the fractures caused by fractures of the tibia in the elderly over 50 years of age caused up to 20% of elderly patients to die in just one year.

  If you are old and suffer from osteoporosis, wrestling is very dangerous, and your wrestling rate is even higher.

As you get older, your body’s skeletal function decreases, and your vision starts to deteriorate.

You will become more reliant on medications, and these medications have an adverse effect on your body balance.

Small things like going to the bathroom at night will increase your chances of falling.

Basically, when a series of small elderly diseases occur at the same time, the possibility of falling and fracture increases.

  Surprisingly, by changing your lifestyle, you can effectively reduce the chance of fractures.

Here are some tips: Calcium in food: We know that dairy products contain calcium, and other objects also contain calcium.

  Tips for preventing bone fractures 1: Improve body balance through exercise, increase physical strength, and friends with osteoporosis worry that exercise will be too dangerous.

In general, if you go for a stroll or go on a bicycle, isn’t it likely that you fell down?

Should sitting in a comfortable wheelchair be the best way to prevent wrestling?

  Intuitively, the above points seem to make sense, but the opposite is true.

Exercise can actually reduce the chance of wrestling.

  Rheumatologist Shreyasee Amin, Minnesota, said: “Regular exercise is good for keeping you agile and muscular.

“Sports are good for physical coordination and reduce the possibility of wrestling.”

If you are healthy, then your balance is also good. In this way, when you refer to those who are bedridden or weak, you have a much lower chance of falling.

  In addition to improving your physical balance and strengthening your body, exercise also has a direct effect on your bones.

Bone is a living organ and tissue.

Just like muscles, if you don’t exercise, your muscles will become weak and weak.

Keeping your body healthy will make your bones stronger and less dislocated when you fall.

Experts generally recommend a combination of weight-bearing exercises (such as walking, enhanced resistance exercises (such as weight lifting), and enhanced balance such as yoga or tai chi.

  However, a few are: Seek medical advice before starting various sports.

For some people with osteoporosis, high-impact sports, such as jogging or tennis, may not be safe.

Severe blows to the body can cause fractures.

Even some seemingly slight movements can be dangerous for some people with weak vertebrae.  Tips for preventing fractures 2: Be careful when walking If you suffer from osteoporosis, you should not only consider the style of the style when buying shoes.

Buying an inappropriate pair of shoes will increase the incidence of wrestling.

  But happily, you don’t have to buy only the so-called “suitable” shoes.

Go for those low-heeled shoes and stand firm, because it’s better to buy leather shoes than rubber shoes.

Sneakers are also available to prevent falls when striding.

  Again, shoes should be worn in the house.

Wearing socks or slippers at home can easily fall.

  When you go for a walk, be safe.

When it rains or snows, follow a grassy path.

Because it is easier to fall on the concrete floor.

Remember, don’t accumulate any waste near your home.

  If you have arthritis or other diseases that make it difficult for you to walk, be sure to use a assistive device recommended by your doctor, such as a crutch.

  Tips for Preventing Fractures 3: Understand the Substitution of Medications for You Unfortunately, as you get older, you may need to rely on medications every day.

Any drug has anthracene, and some drugs may increase your incidence of wrestling.

The drugs that cause dizziness or loss of balance are the following:?

Painkillers or sleeping pills?

Antihypertensive drugs, which sometimes cause hypotension?

Antidepressants, antidepressants?

Anticonvulsants, antidepressant injections, these drugs are used to treat seizures and some psychological discomfort?

Muscle relaxants for tibial pain or other diseases?

Some medicines for the heart?

Other drugs, such as some leather sterols, can easily cause osteoporosis or fractures.

  Even you eat carbon monoxide can increase its risk.

Studies have shown that 4 or more of any drug can cause falls with a higher incidence.

  But what should you do if you cannot avoid taking these drugs because of other physical diseases?

Check the medicine your doctor prescribes, and give the doctor a list of medicines or bottles.

Because of your doctor, some of your first doctors may not know what your other doctors like cardiologists or doctors who treat colds prescribe.

  If the medicine you take increases your chances of falling, then you should find a solution.

Talk to your doctor and ask your doctor to reduce the amount of your medicine or change to another medicine, which will help reduce the possibility of falling.

  Remember, alcohol and illegal drugs are dangerous.

Any medicine that affects your performance will increase your chances of falling.

Don’t eat peanut seeds

Don’t eat peanut seeds

Peanuts and sunflower seeds are delicious and contain less sugar. Some people with diabetes think that eating more is harmless, and they are often regarded as gluttonous food.

Although peanuts and sunflower seeds have low sugar content, they contain a large amount of small, high-concentration foods. If you eat them at random, you do not follow the food exchange method and the corresponding amount of staple food or you eat too much will cause blood sugar and blood lipids to increase.

  The content of 589 kcal per 100 grams of peanuts and the content of more than 570 kcal per 100 grams of sunflower seeds (including sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds) are higher than those of rice, pork, lamb, chicken and duck of the same weight.

Unrestricted consumption of peanuts and seeds will increase trace and trace intake, increase weight, increase blood lipids, and are not conducive to the control of blood sugar and blood pressure.

  Some people say that pumpkin seeds have a hypoglycemic effect, and there are health foods made from pumpkin on the market.

Designed for people with diabetes.

In fact, the idea that pumpkin seeds have a hypoglycemic effect is wrong.

Although pumpkin seeds contain excessive sugar and supplementary fiber, they contain high trace amounts and protein, and 46 per 100 grams of pumpkin seeds.

7 grams aunt, eating too much is not conducive to controlling diabetes.

  For nut peanuts and seeds, eating less is good, eating more is harmful.

Generally, 15-20 grams of unshelled nuts are appropriate daily.

Regardless of how much you eat, you must strictly convert it into the amount of food you eat throughout the day.

  It ‘s more scientific to cook peanuts

In particular, β-sitosterol contained in peanuts can prevent colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, resveratrol has a strong biological activity, which can prevent cancer, inhibit platelet aggregation, and prevent the occurrence of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

  However, we must pay attention to safety while the peanuts are delicious.

Peanuts are the crop most susceptible to Aspergillus flavus.

Aflatoxin is the world’s most recognized carcinogen.

  So, how to eat peanuts is safe and beneficial?

First, remove the peanuts that have a yellow-green appearance, soak in flowing water, rinse, and cook with water.

Aflatoxin is very resistant and cannot be destroyed even when heated to 200 ° C.

The aflatoxin can degrade water. After rinsing and boiling, it can be removed most of the water.

From this point, eating cooked peanuts is relatively safe.

  Basically people should not eat peanuts. Peanuts are rich in nutrients, but some people should not eat peanuts.

  Patients with hyperlipidemia: Peanuts are abundant in large quantities. After eating peanuts, patients with hyperlipidemia lead to an increase in lipid levels in the blood, but the increase in blood lipids is an important cause of diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart diseaseOne of the causes of the disease.

  Cholecystectomy: Auntie in peanut needs bile to digest.

After cholecystectomy, the function of storing bile is lost.

If these patients eat peanuts, they do not have a large amount of bile to help digestion, which can often cause indigestion.

  Indigestion: Peanuts are rich in feces, enteritis, dysentery and other spleen and stomach dysfunction, which will worsen the disease.

  Those with bruises: Peanut contains a procoagulant factor.

Injuries due to bruises and blood stasis may result in blood stasis after consumption of peanuts, which may increase the symptoms of swelling and pain.

Method for rapid self-test thyroid disease

Method for rapid self-test thyroid disease

Introduction: Hypothyroidism is a common disease that is often overlooked.

Because the symptoms of hypothyroidism are relatively complicated, it is easy for patients to consult doctors when they see a doctor. The following Sina TCM health channel teaches you how to self-test hypothyroidism.

In the next question, see if you meet the following: 1. Feeling weak, often drowsy, and lacking physical strength and energy.

2. The brain is slow-thinking, has difficulty concentrating, has reduced memory, and has slow actions and reactions.

3. Sudden weight gain.

4, dry skin, nails are very brittle, gray and easy to break.

5, often feel cold.

6, have a lot of depression thoughts, feel depressed and depressed.

7, initial and metabolism seem to be slow, often constipation.

8. Stiff muscles and bones, numbness in hands.

9, increased blood pressure or slowed heartbeat.

10. Increased plasma levels.

When there are 5 or more of the following 10 questions, please go to the hospital as soon as possible to simply take blood and check the blood thyroid hormone levels. Women over 35 years of age do not even have the above symptoms, and it is recommended to have a check every 5 years.

Eating more chestnuts can nourish the kidney and strengthen the waist

Eating more chestnuts can nourish the kidney and strengthen the waist


In the winter, chestnuts began to be marketed in large numbers.

Chinese medicine believes that chestnuts are sweet and warm, and enter the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridian. They have the effects of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, and strengthening the kidney and strengthening the waist.Jian and so on.

In addition, chestnuts can also prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. The elderly often eat chestnuts, which can prevent aging and anti-aging, and prolong life.

Recipe for kidney-reinforcing and health-preserving. Chestnut ribs soup is prepared with 150 grams of ribs, and 50 grams of fresh chestnuts without shells. After washing the ribs with water, stew them together with the chestnuts until they are soft and season.

Chinese chestnut rib soup has the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing qi, and is suitable for people with kidney qi deficiency. Its main symptoms are shortness of breath and spontaneous sweating, complexion, frequent urination, and fatigue.

Red jujube steamed chestnut preparation 70 grams of dried red dates are soaked in hot water, 350 grams of shelled fresh chestnuts are cooked and peeled off, mix with each other, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, steam until soft and edible.

Red date steamed chestnut has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening waist and kidney, and is suitable for those with kidney deficiency and backache. It is characterized by faint pain, soreness and weakness, happy warmth and happy pressing, often accompanied by leg and knee weakness.


The workplace has only a beginning and no end

The workplace has only a beginning and no end

I don’t know if he is born smart or lucky to take care of him. It took only three years for Ronaldinho to enter this well-known IT company in China and he was promoted to Deputy Manager of the Marketing Department.

He scored with his classmates that year, and he was really “happy with horseshoe”. Buying a house or car was a trivial matter, and he was often heard on television and in newspapers.

Every day banquet, every night Shengge . But just a few days ago, he was suddenly included in the company’s list of layoffs.

When he learned the news from the inside, his spirit suddenly broke down.

He was like Xiang Linyu in Lu Xun’s novels, but he said to himself, “Why was it that I was cut off, not XX?”

“Actually,” Why am I being cut, not someone else? ”

“This is a question that has no practical significance; maybe from another perspective, think about what caused you to be cut more interchangeably, because once you are lucky this time you have not been cut, you may still be cut next time.On the head.

  I can’t see the crisis, so I lose stress.

In fact, Ronaldinho should know that in an extremely competitive industry such as IT, new technologies will be produced in one and a half to two years, and people who enter this industry need to constantly add new knowledge and new technologies.

In this age of rapid development, when you “step on the spot” and others move fast, you are being abandoned.

  You used to have Jin Chancan’s degree, and you can hold the diploma to the world.

However, after a busy period of time, you suddenly looked up and found that your knowledge and skills are developing with each passing day. In fact, your academic qualification is rapidly “depreciating”, not to mention that what you are learning is not what you use.

  Your diploma only represents your educational level; its value is already reflected in your basic salary, but it will not be valid for more than half a year.

If you want to gain a foothold in the workplace, you must know what knowledge and skills you should add.

If you fail to do this, your diploma will expire sooner or later.

  The competition in the era of knowledge economy is very fierce. What is your advantage?

The only advantage is that it is rejuvenated than others!

Be good at learning from tomorrow.

  In the modern workplace, the easiest way to go is downhill.

Therefore, you must eliminate yourself every day. If you do not eliminate yourself, you will be eliminated by others. This is the “evolution” of the modern workplace.

  Once you enter the workplace, you just put on the pair of “red dance shoes” that will never let you stop. Now that you choose to enter the workplace, you must work hard until you retire . However, there are many new recruits in the workplaceI think so, I graduated from school, do n’t take various headache exams and quizzes, I can relax my life a little bit. As for studying, it is unnecessary.

In fact, this idea is very wrong and dangerous.

In the modern workplace, you are comfortable with the status quo. In a sense, when you enter the workplace, you are entering CES. Here, you can only win and not lose; therefore, in order to improve your “gambling” skills, you must study tirelesslyBecome the final winner.

In the past, people often said that “whatever a white cat is a black cat, catching a mouse is a good cat.”

For the various bosses in the modern workplace, whether you are male or female, old or young, it only needs to be “useful” and the best.

  In modern workplaces, there is only a beginning and no end.

You are most likely to make some kind of mistake in bed

You are most likely to make some kind of mistake in bed

You go to the fast-food restaurant with expert service first and customer first. You accidentally see a corner of the store where the male store manager is scolding the female student.

At this time, you intuitively think that this work student was scolded?

A, absent-minded, didn’t notice the call of the guest B, accidentally spilled Coke on the guest C, ordered the wrong meal D, spoke to the guest fiercely, did you choose to be polite?

A, absent-minded, did not notice the call of the guests, the biggest drawback is that you are not attentive. Because of this, you often make trouble, right?

However, I am a bit lost to you, and your unfocusedness can even extend to the bed!

To be honest, do you occasionally think of something suddenly while having sex and then you can’t help laughing?

Or suddenly came up like “What do you want for dinner tomorrow?”

“Is all kinds of irrelevant questions destroyed the whole atmosphere in an instant?

B, accidentally spilling Coke on the guests, you are a retina who thinks and says anything, and often a sudden nonsense word pops up and hurts a man.

It’s really a cold sweat for you.

You have to know that too direct criticism of issues such as sex skills or genital size can seriously hurt a man’s self-esteem!

Please be careful, please be careful!

C. Ordering the wrong meal As a waiter, ordering the wrong meal is the most serious mistake.

The mistake you made in bed is likely to be the reason for your breakup!

Although I have no way to directly point out that some kind of error will be so serious, I really ask you to pay more attention.

In particular, be careful not to forget to take birth control pills, or miscalculate safety days and other things about pregnancy.

D, speaking to the guests is fierce, you are a very confused person, you are not polite, even if you make a big mistake in bed, it is because of your confusion!

Honestly, have you ever inadvertently called out other men’s names during sex?

Or do you have sex and fall off the bed in half?

Anyway, like plots that often appear in comedies, shouldn’t you be unfamiliar to you?

Eight medicinal diets improve rhinitis

Eight medicinal diets improve rhinitis

Treatment of rhinitis. Eight major medicinal diets to improve rhinitis. Severe cold and rhinitis were committed.

Although rhinitis is not a serious illness, daily nasal congestion is annoying.

So, what are the recipes for rhinitis?

Today I compiled some, everyone may wish to take a look.

  Recipes for the treatment of rhinitis: 1. Luffa vinegar and pig lean meat treats acute episodes of chronic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, nasal discharge, and severe headache.

Wash 3-5 grams of loofah vine near the root, cut 60 grams of lean pork, and cook in the same pot, season with some salt, eat soup and eat meat, five times for one course, use 1-3A course of healing.

  2, Xin Yi boiled eggs for chronic sinusitis, purulent runny nose.

Use 15 grams of Xinyi flower, put in a casserole, add 2 bowls of water, and fry 1 bowl; 2 eggs, cooked and shelled, puncture a few holes, reheat the casserole, pour the sauce into the boil, and add the eggs煮 Boiled tablets, drink soup and eat eggs.

  3. Huanghua Yutou Decoction treats chronic atrophic rhinitis, and the frequency of cold is still high.

Take 100 grams of fatty fish and fry it on both sides with hot oil for a while after washing.

Remove 15 grams of jujube and remove the kernels. Use 30 grams of yellow flowers, 15 grams of atractylodes, 10 grams of cocklebur, 10 grams of amaranth, and 3 slices of ginger. Place the soup in the casserole with the fish head and cook until the meat is cooked.

  4, Astragalus porridge for allergic rhinitis.

400 grams of tan, 230 grams of Baishu, 240 grams of windproof, 120 grams of bellflower, 60 grams of licorice, 20 grams of rice (for one day), in addition to rice, grind other materials into powder, mix well, and put them in a dry containerCovered) to survive.

Put 400 ml of water and rice in a pot, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

Put 10 grams of flour in the pot, boil on low heat, cover with a fire extinguisher and wait 5 minutes.

  5. Baiye pig nose soup treats runny nose.

Take 66 grams of pork nose and clean it. Use 30 grams of raw cypress leaves, 6 grams of golden dendrobium and 10 grams of Bupleurum in the casserole. Add 4 bowls of water to fry and remove 1 bowl. Filter out the residue and pour 60 grams of honey., 30 grams of rice wine at 30 degrees, and drink well.

  6. Sheep meal treats chronic rhinitis.

Take a pair of sheep lactic acid pills, wash them, and place them in the initialization or casserole roasting (not fried charred or fried black), grind them into fines, and send them with warm boiling water or rice wine.

Each pair of spindle pills is taken twice a day, and the effect is continued for 2-3 days.

Oyster powder for night sweats

Oyster powder for night sweats

〖Fang Yuan〗 “Taiping Huimin Peace Bureau?”

“Volume 8: Treating Miscellaneous Diseases”: Insufficient treatment of various deficiencies, and violent deficiencies of new diseases, fluid instability, body often sweating, even lying at night, long and endless, shriveled, palpitated, alarmed, shortness of breath.

  〖组成〗黄芪去苗土[30g] 麻黄根洗[9g] 牡蛎 米泔浸,刷去土,火烧通赤,各一两[30g]  〖用法〗上三味为粗散,每服三钱(9g)Water, one and a half, wheat more than a hundred grains, fried to eight minutes with the same, to slag heat service, daily service, regardless of time.

  〖Fangge〗 Astragalus powder is used in oyster powder, wheat hemp root is suitable, Weixu spontaneous sweating or night sweats, solid surface convergence is effective.

  [Attending]Since sweat, night sweats.

Often spontaneously sweating, lying at night even more, palpitations are alarmed, shortness of breath, reddish tongue, and weak pulses.

  [Function]Yiqi solid table, convergence Yin antiperspirant.

  Uses: This prescription is designed for spontaneous sweating and night sweats with leaking Yin fluid.

Sweating, palpitations, shortness of breath, pale tongue, and weak pulses are the main points of syndrome management.

Khan out of yang deficiency, you can add aconite to warm Yang; those who are qi deficiency, you can add ginseng, atractylodes to benefit Qi; those who are yin deficiency, you can add a place of birth, Baiji to nourish yin.

Spontaneous sweating should be repeated with astragalus to solidify the surface, night sweats can be added with bean coat, glutinous rice root to stop sweat, the effect is better.

Commonly used after the disease, after surgery and postpartum spontaneous sweating, night sweats, are not solid outside the body, those who leak yin.