Three skin whitening formulas

Three skin whitening “formulas”

It is undeniable that factors such as heredity, attitude to life, toxins in the body, freedom and even age are all factors that affect the skin. Whitening is a comprehensive and long-term homework, so it is also a good way to try and listen to the whitening of others
  Whitening should be targeted, not guerrilla warfare, and a protracted war.
Some experts point out that intensive whitening care once a week is a prerequisite for fair skin.
In fact, different types of skin have their own unique whitening points.
  [Normal skin]Maybe you are born with natural beauty, or you do not work outdoors often and are less exposed to the sun, but this does not mean that you will never have spots or darken!
If you don’t care, spots will find you just like dull.
Therefore, the whitening work you should do is to suppress the melanin that has not yet formed. Use more moisturizing and repairing whitening products. In addition, the whitening around the eyes cannot be ignored.
  Recommended by the editor: Magnolia oil deep moisturizing and whitening nutritional leech Reference price: 69.
0 Product Specifications: 150ml Xiaobian Comments: Olay deep moisturizing whitening nutritional water unique emulsion water formula, combined with emulsion whitening essence (including mulberry extract, vitamin B3 and vitamin E) and plant moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (including barley, aloe and greenMelon extract) helps the skin to have a clean and white glow; combined with plant moisturizing ingredients, it exerts deep moisturizing effects to nourish and moisturize the skin.
  [Dull skin]If you do n’t wear makeup, you are always judged to be the same as you after you put on makeup, so if you do n’t wear makeup, you will be said to be insane.It is a good way to strengthen exfoliation, but it must be gentle!
In addition, a whitening UVA / UVB protective cream can improve the skin tone while avoiding sunburn, so try it.
  Editor’s Choice: Clarins Clear Whitening Cleansing Scrub Reference Price: ¥ 360.
0 Specifications: 50ml Senior Editor’s Comment: Clarins Clear Whitening Cleansing Scrub is suitable for women looking for beautiful, clear skin.
Features opaque white emulsion texture, rich in pink frosted micro beads, easy to clean.
Dermatologist tested and free of oil.
Moreover, passing the Asian skin test in Japan can be said with confidence.
  [Spotted skin]The spotted spots, depth, and depth can only be treated with concealer for emergencies.
For those who are more sensitive to sensitive skin, as long as the sun is exposed, it is easy to grow small acne or small acne, so you need to strengthen local whitening!
Therefore, it is best to use a full set of anti-allergy whitening products, so that stubborn spots and you say byebye!
  Editor’s recommendation: Vichy Whitening and Brightening Sunscreen Lotion SPF20 Specifications: 50ml Editor’s Comment: Vichy Whitening and Brightening Sunscreen Lotion SPF20 can fade and prevent the formation of dark spots and improve dull skin tone.
The texture is fresh, comfortable, easy to absorb, non-comedogenic formula.
Tested by Asian skin experts, it can provide a moisturizing effect for 8 hours. After use, the skin is comfortable and elastic, and the complexion will be fair, transparent and even.