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Get ready for detox in autumn

Many people will feel skin changes, tightness, dullness, lack of water, and even plaques. Experts say that these phenomena are toxins generated by the skin due to seasonal changes. The method of hydration alone cannot completely change them.

  After the summer turns to the fall, the metabolism of the skin begins to slow down. The sun in the middle of the summer hides some problems, slowly accumulates on the surface of the skin.It appears, such as dull races, dryness and dehydration, and even pigmentation.

  Let’s find a new detox solution for autumn skin together!

  The new skin detoxification program asks a 24-hour scavenger to protect the skin from toxins. The most active way is to find a skin care product that suits it and become a scavenger throughout the day, which is safe and convenient.

When looking for these products, you must first look at the ingredients of the product. Generally, it will contain the most effective substance that can make the skin protein and serial exchange pollution-antioxidants; Ginkgo extract also has a good antioxidant effect; green teaExtracts of a series of active plants such as grape kernels, vitamin E and B-carotene are also very good antioxidants. Many cosmetics have added certain substances.

In recent years, relevant experts have also discovered that coriander flower, ginseng, corn, algae, etc. are also excellent antioxidant ingredients.

  Wash your face and detox. Wash your face with warm water, then rinse with cold water for 30 seconds, wash with warm water, and then wash with cold water. The cold and hot wash your face can promote blood circulation, and it is also a trick to promote detoxification.

  More and more people are interested in bath salts.

The colorful crystal particles are almost full of gorgeous “appearances”, as well as the “connotations” that can’t be estimated.

Different bath salts emit different “tastes”, and different colors have different functions, soothing fatigue, relaxing nerves, and soothing emotions.

Tight skin that is dehydrated will become clear and transparent after soaking for 20 minutes.

  Good use of essential oils Poisonous bodies are generally acidic, and the only thing that can help detoxify is essential oils.

The molecules are so small that they can act on the essential oils of blood vessels and lymph, as long as the right pair can be used to metabolize the carbon dioxide and bad substances trapped in the body.

Absolutely rubbing or smelling the essential oils can indeed metabolize toxins in the body and make the body purified.

Rose oil is recommended for dry skin; tea tree, lemon, sage are used for oily skin; camomile and cornflower are used for sensitive skin.

The essential oils can be used by sniffing, massaging or bathing.

  Doing your own lymphatic drainage Lymphatic drainage is generally a service item in a beauty salon, but if you master the technique, you can do it at home.

It is important to keep in mind the axillary, clavicle, and junction of the face and ears of the lymph bones.

Detoxification must be deep and slow, first massage from the nose to the ear, and then to the ear, and then slowly from the forehead through the side of the face to the collarbone to complete the detoxification of the face.

Remember to heal along the texture of the skin. After every Wednesday, after cleaning the face, apply lotion and detox before doing it. Do not block it without applying any moisturizing products, so as not to bring skin to the skin.Come hurt.

  Do more exercise and travel. There are often some large-volume activities that will accelerate the body’s metabolism. When you drink water and sweat continuously, the body’s toxins will become sweat and be discharged at the same time. Participate in sports or travel frequently.To achieve a lot of sweating natural detoxification.

  Eating a detox diet often during the season, and often eating a diet that helps detoxification, can help to change the seasons, accumulation of toxins accumulated in the body during the middle of summer, and improper use of cosmetics and “resident” in the body.

  1, often eat fungi.

Fungi, especially shiitake mushrooms and black fungus, have functions of cleaning blood and detoxifying.

  2, often drink fresh juice, often eat fresh vegetables.

Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables without cooking are “cleansers” in the human body, which can remove toxins and waste accumulated in the body.

  3, often drink legume soup.

Bean soup can help excrete various toxicants in the body and promote metabolism in the body.

  4, often eat blood tofu.

Plasma proteins in animal blood can produce a substance that detoxifies and lubricates intermediates after being decomposed by human gastric acid and enzymes in digestive juices.

It can chemically react with the dust and harmful metal particles of invading intermediates, making them difficult to be absorbed by the human body and discharged from the body.