Deceived taste buds diet to lose weight 10 magic weapon

Deceived taste buds diet to lose weight 10 magic weapon

What did you eat?

The stomach and taste buds may be silly and unclear!

Some people eat less and eat well, but they are very satisfied and satisfied!

How did you do it?

A few magic weapons let you learn, it is absolutely easy to deceive the taste. magic weapon 1.

The selection of light-tasting ingredients is not strong, and when replaced with other ingredients, there is no obvious difference.

Such as tofu, soy milk, glutinous rice, cold weather, etc. are very suitable.

  Magic weapon 2.

The use of seafood’s savory seafood can also be said to be a light-tasting ingredient, and the transformation phase is separated. As long as you remember the seasonings, you can make good use of it!

  Magic weapon 3.

The nutrients contained in the mushroom-like mushrooms are similar to those in the meat. The taste of the mushrooms is also very similar to meat.

  Magic weapon 4.

The use of sauce seasonings can be said to be the key to cooking, and the use of soy sauce, miso, and wind sauce, commonly used in Taiwanese cuisine, five-flavored sauce, garlic sauce, sweet and sour, can fully produce low-card monotonous food to create a rich taste.

  Magic weapon 5.

Choosing ingredients with similar taste will make you taste similar, and you can also create an illusion to fool the taste!

  Magic weapon 6.

The sweet taste of the salty expert can bring out the sweetness and reduce the actual sweetness.

  Magic weapon 7.

Appearance, fragrance can also deceive cocoa, vanilla, fruit, caramel, are very suitable to replace high-purity desserts.

In addition, curry, pepper and other spices have a good effect in enhancing the fragrance.

  Magic weapon 8.

The healthy fragrance that smells full is not hungry, but the mouth is very embarrassing?

There are manufacturers specializing in the appetite-controlling aroma products, using natural aroma crystal molecules to help you control your appetite!

Aroma products that are convenient to control appetite, have a variety of different flavors, smell 5 minutes before and after eating, can reduce the amount of food!

In fact, brushing and bathing can achieve similar effects. Use green tea, peppermint essential oil or bath salt in the bath to make the whole body comfortable and the appetite can be reduced immediately!

  Magic weapon 9.

The zero-migration beverage that keeps the health and relieves the heat is not drinking the unscented boiled water?

From the precious milk, soda, add ice coffee farther away!

If you want to be healthy and thin, and want to drink something special, you still have a lot of choices!

Want a little bubble?

Try a bubble mineral water + cold green tea bag, add some fresh lemon juice or grapefruit juice, a tropical delight!

The weather is too hot to let you feel upset?

At this time, sweet and sweet hazelnut tea, hot drink, ice drink, can!

Want to go to summer, eliminate fire, edema, may wish to add some beautiful chrysanthemums!

Don’t underestimate them!

A cup of rich drink makes you feel happy and full, especially when you are in your mouth!

  Magic weapon 10.

The food that makes you hungry is also food. The roots and stems are more hunger than the rice, and the vegetables are better than the roots or fruits!This kind of food that you feel has been suffering for a long time has a low value.

  So, don’t hinder the replacement of your food like this: Hungry ingredients/transformed into drought-tolerant ingredients/converted value rice/3444 replaced with sweet potato/1573 or corn sausage/662 replaced with tea egg fish soup/1056 replaced with tofuSoup banana / 1304 replaced with tomato pineapple / 1090 replaced with pear