Delicious fattening recipe: fragrant bee cheese cake

Delicious fattening recipe: fragrant bee cheese cake

The material of the bee cheese cake: Ingredients: cheese 300 g Accessories: milk 90 g, gelatin 4 g, cream 200 g, lemon balm 10 g seasoning: 100 g of red sugar, 100 g of white wine, 10 g of lemon juiceThe practice of bee cheese cake: 1.

The lemon is squeezed, and the lemon balm is washed and ground into a powder by a grinder;

The cream cheese is converted back to warm softening by means of water heating;

Add the fine sugar and mix the milk until it is free of granules;

Add the mint wine and mix well; 5.

Gelatine is soaked in ice water, poured into the cream cheese and mixed well;

When the animal whipped cream is beaten to 6 with an egg beater, pour it into the cream cheese; 7.

Add the lemon balm powder and mix well; 8.

Finally, pour the cream cheese into a small baking mold and smooth it with a spatula;

Finally, it is added to the freezer and frozen at -18 °C for about 30 minutes.

  Food phase cheese: cheese bogey and squid with food; do not eat fruit about 1 hour before and after eating cheese; people taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors should avoid eating cheese.