Quit smoking diet therapy Raiders

Quit smoking diet therapy Raiders

Quitting smoking is always a healthy need, even a fashion.

People are no longer proud of the spit and spit. Now it will only be considered very earthy and very unqualified.

We will always be more healthy for our family and for the environment.

We all need to quit smoking, let us all come together to see the wonderful tricks of quitting smoking.

  Smoking cessation robots In Sandville, USA, there are two robots of the size of a real person. They can mimic someone smoking very seriously. They put cigarettes in their mouths, then ignite the cigarettes, and spit out from time to time.smoke.

They took one and took another one, which was like a big smoker.

The skull of the robot is transparent, and the viewer can clearly see that the smoke is sucked into the robot’s mouth, passing through the lungs, and the harmful nicotine and tobacco tar in the smoke slowly accumulate in the lungs, turning the lungs into black lungs.

Many smokers, after seeing the robot’s smoking show with their own eyes, quickly decided to quit smoking.

  Smoking cessation e-cigarette This is the latest cessation aid for smoking cessation. It is worth mentioning that e-cigarette was invented by China.

E-cigarettes mainly use nicotine replacement therapy to gradually reduce the nicotine content and gradually reduce the craving.

According to relevant statistics, electronic cigarettes should be the products with the highest success rate of smoking cessation.

However, because e-cigarettes are new products, the quality is still uneven. How does the effect of quitting smoking have a very big relationship with the quality of e-cigarettes? Now the best quality should be the second-generation e-cigarette like k-smoker, with a success rate of over 85%.
  One of the hazards caused by smoking cessation calls is coughing, and even coughing out the blood when the cough is severe.

The Los Angeles City Telephone Office recorded the cough of a person with a heavy addiction and started another new telephone service, the Quit Phone.

When people who want to smoke are addicted to smoking and can’t resist and endure, they can immediately dial the quit phone number, and the cough will be heard immediately in the receiver.

When you hear this sound, the smoker will become bored with smoking and long to dispel the idea of smoking.

  Oxygen smoke detector At the beginning of 1987, the United Kingdom developed a new device – oxygen detector.

It can show the smoker the carbon monoxide content in each cigarette. If the content exceeds the prescribed standard, the ball on the “oxygen smoke detector” will appear red. Such a test may help those who smoke and smoke change.Evil is rectified.

  Smoking cessation ashtrays Japan Aoki Chamber of Commerce produces a talking ashtray.

When the smoker puts the cigarette butts on the button, the ashtray utters a message: “Hey, the smoke is coming again.”

All the teeth are smoke oil, really dirty!

You are planning to die early.”

The sound quality is annoying, resulting in a smoking cessation effect.

Smoking cessation ashtrays made in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States emit a gas that eliminates cravings when exposed to cigarette butts, allowing smokers to stop smoking.

  Quit Smoking Lighter Italy has produced a lighter that displays the number of cigarettes and the interval between each use, thus alerting the user to the timing and quantity.

Thus the initial reduction will eventually reach the goal of smoking cessation.

The smoking cessation wallpaper is placed in an ordinary room (room or reception room), surrounded by a soft-toned wallpaper made of organic polymer, which emits a tobacco-like chemical that prevents smokers from smoking when they smoke.I gradually didn’t want to smoke.

  Seven ways to quit smoking in the first five days of smoking cessation (l) Drink 6-1 between meals.

8 cups of water, pushing nicotine out of the body.

  (2) Wash the warm water bath every day, can’t help but use the k-smoker e-cigarette as a substitute for cigarettes. (3) Rest in the 5th day of quitting smoking, and have a regular life.

  (4) Take a walk outside the meal after a meal and take a deep breath for 15-30 minutes.

  (5) Do not drink stimulating drinks, change to drink milk, fresh juices and cereal drinks.

  (6) Try to avoid eating poultry, fried foods, sweets and desserts.

  (7) can eat a variety of vitamin B group, can calm the nerves to remove nicotine (two) after the first five days can follow the law to keep smoking cessation results (1) brushing teeth or mouthwash after meals, wearing clean and smellless clothes.

  (2) Replace the habitual action of holding a cigarette with a pen or pencil.

  (3) spend most of your time in the library or other places where smoking is not allowed.

  (4) Avoid going to the bar and attending the banquet to avoid being with people who are very addicted.

  (5) Buy a gift for yourself without saving the money saved.  (6) Prepare to quit smoking habits in 2-3 weeks.