Anti-aging two key three strokes six

Anti-aging two key three strokes six

No woman wants to hang on like this. We will tighten our youth and beauty, but we will not be able to stop the general trend of their disappearance.

However, when technology gives us unlimited expectations about youth, we can allow ourselves to be more beautiful and lasting.

Many people’s direct association with anti-aging is to apply high-priced skin care products, otherwise it is the skin peeling, wrinkle removal, moving the knife to repair the whole body or the body is not satisfied with the ageing, these can only be regarded as the surfaceeffort.


hzh {display: none; }  专家:丁绮文  荣新诊所副院长  书田诊所主任医师  美国抗衰老医学会专科医师  不管妳打算用什么方式进行抗老大作战,有两大关键决定妳的抗老行动是否Success, that is, the right medicine and the body to start.

Ding Yiwen, a well-known anti-aging doctor in China, said that anti-aging light is to trim the facade, just like replacing the old spring bed with new bedding. The appearance is bright and beautiful, and it is still uncomfortable to sleep. It can only be solved by internal repair and maintenance.

  In vivo aging is easily overlooked and found that the shell has a few more wrinkles, and the body begins to feel sore on the side of the acid, is it aging?

Ding Yuwen reminded that the aging of the human body begins from the body. When the cockroaches find that the years have left traces in the tibia, in fact, cockroaches are already old and well displaced.

  Ding Yuwen said that the human body function peaked at about 25 years old and has since declined since then, and the slope has become larger after the age of 35.

Since aging begins with invisible cell aging, it is easy to be ignored, just as the car is usually not maintained, and the problem is overhaul as soon as the problem arises.

  In the case of the right medicine, “anti-aging must be successful, we must first detect the weakness of the body organs.” Everyone will deteriorate, but the personal factors affecting the intensification are not the same. Therefore, anti-aging actions should be tailor-made for individual needs.
You can find the weakness of the body through the classification of biochemical tests and precision instruments. You can use the “drug” (anti-aging method) on the “disease” (problem point) to avoid the evil.

  Furthermore, the age of cells begins to repair the necessary self-nutrition of the cells to provide energy. In addition to correcting bad eating habits, the correct choice of nutritional supplements can do more with less.

  Anti-aging test to capture weaknesses The purpose of anti-aging testing is to help find physical weaknesses, and then to adjust the diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, etc., to create a “personalized anti-aging formula”.

  ★ Disease detection must first carry out basic biochemical tests such as blood, urine, feces and liver, kidney, blood sugar, tumors, etc., and therefore, hepatitis, tumor markers, endocrine function tests, and the purpose of disease detection is to “fix first”Refining.”

  Because the disease can also cause the decline of the human body function and accelerate the deterioration, therefore, the principle of anti-aging is to treat the disease first and then talk about anti-aging, to confirm whether there is a related disease in the body, and to talk about anti-aging after the treatment of the disease.

  ★ Antioxidant vitamin analysis studies indicate that more than 85% of human diseases (such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, etc.) are associated with free radicals. Balanced and moderate antioxidant vitamins help prevent free radical damage to the human body.

  Determine the concentration of anti-oxidant vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, lutein, lycopene, coenzyme Q10) in the plasma by blood sampling to determine how much combat power you have, and then decideHow to fight against the old.

  ★ Hormone concentration analysis Ding Yuwen said that growth hormone, melatonin, thyroxine, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), sex hormones, five kinds of hormones will cause aging in the body, through the detection of in vivo concentration, can also effectively findThe key to youth.

  Through the interaction between hormones, the body can be fine-tuned to the best state. When one type of hormone is reduced, it will also affect other hormonal changes. Therefore, Ding Yuwen reminds that hormone supplement is not necessarily blind pursuit of high concentration.To make youth permanent, the ideal hormone supplement should be based on individual needs, what is missing, and must correctly calculate the weight and monitor blood concentration and metabolic status, without the help of a physician is prone to sequelae.

  Is the nutritional supplement correct?

  ★Customized nutrition supplements Due to the lack of single nutrient concentration in natural foods, environmental pollution, pesticides and heavy metal residues, natural foods are extracted through high-tech extraction, and the purified health foods become the most anti-aging.Good allies.

  There are at least 2,000 types of nutritional supplements in the market to promote health. But not everyone needs the same kind and equal amount of nutritional supplements. The nutritional supplements may have an additive effect on the human body and whether there are other medications.There are contraindications (such as the addition of ginkgo and aspirin, causing coagulation problems, should not be used at the same time), personal nutritional supplements are best used by physicians after evaluation.

  ★ Metabolic examination determines the amount of supplement Ding Yuwen specifically pointed out that the daily nutritional supplement recommended by the Department of Health is only a reference principle for nutritional supplements. Due to the difference in life, diet, activity patterns and health status of each person, the nutritional needs will be different.In addition to the selection of nutritional varieties, the amount of supplementation is also a point to be aware of.

  The same amount of nutrients are different depending on the absorption status of each person, and the metabolic reaction is also different. By measuring the blood concentration, the actual effective concentration in the body after eating is known, and then it is determined whether the supplement amount is sufficient.

  Anti-aging test is different according to the equipment and characteristics of each health check center. It can be divided into single test or set according to individual needs. The cost can also be detected. It is recommended that the big girls can communicate with the doctors.After that, select the test items according to individual needs.

  Three recipes for health and youth.

hzh {display: none; }  第一招:融合生活不麻烦   常有魅丽美女虽然知道健康很重要,但总认为养生好像非得搞的万般麻烦一样,根本无从做起,想到就累。For Luo Lifen who cares about supplementing, if she wants her a few dollars, that is a few things, it can’t be done. Take the health porridge as an example. She likes all kinds of cereal ingredients, just take a small meal, Jane.It’s easy to integrate health into your life with no care.

  The second measure: Responsible to love yourself, Luo Lifen believes that health care is very important, that is, to be responsible for yourself, to talk to yourself, to understand what you really need, each person’s physical condition, physical fitness, health care focusdifferent.

Health is not to eat other people say healthy food, or to understand their own situation, to replace those who really need it to have a health effect.

  The third measure: self-reconstruction and progress In addition to doing it, self-reset is also an indispensable effort.

Luo Lifen uses self-reconstruction to help him correct the badly done places in a timely manner. For her, this can make herself better and see her progress. The happiness that comes from this progress is also a continuous heart.The motivation to go down.

  Not the old six-style beauty resident in the first style: health porridge simple to do from the age of thirty-five, Luo Lifen daily breakfast is a bowl of health porridge, change in the porridge to add walnuts, yam, lily, loofah, white radish, coix seedA very helpful material for women, a bowl of health porridge, simple but not monotonous.

The procedure is also very easy. Prepare the ingredients first. Put them in the electric pot before going to bed and let them slowly stew. The next day, you can eat the nutrition porridge with nutrition score.

  Luo Lifen reminds the beauty of the beauty, the rough and unhealthy shell food (such as walnut) is easy to damage the protective film of the gastrointestinal tract, it is best to use the “煨” way to make it combine with porridge, nutrition and good absorption.

  The second type: Three bowls of philosophy are easy to remember. Three bowls of philosophy sounds like a university question, but it is a very easy way to get started.

A bowl of staple food, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of soup, this three-hearted philosophical figure can’t be forgotten, completely in line with Luo Lifen’s principle of “health is to be integrated into life”. The three bowls of philosophy are not partial, but the amount isThe basic skills of health is best practiced.   The third type: the juice before going to bed is very extra points. Luo Lifen said that the potential trace elements in the fruit can help the absorption of nutrients.

Many people think that fruits need to be fresh, so Luo Lifen has some different opinions. The advantage of eating fresh fruits is that they can eat enough crude fiber, but if you want to get enough nutrients, the type and amount you want to eat will be relative.Too much, invisibly will support our stomach, but it has an impact on health. Therefore, she chooses to remove the excess juice from the vegetable juice to meet the health needs.