The menstrual cycle is actually a good friend of weight loss

The menstrual cycle is actually a good friend of weight loss

If you have been struggling to find an optimal weight loss program, then it is necessary to convert the weight loss idea.

In fact, God has already given you a slimming spot with half the effort, but you never get your knowledge.

Let us grasp this golden moment to implement the weight loss plan now!

  ◆ Daily “slimming moment” AM6:00?
Breakfast time is 9:00.

  Breakfast is an important source of energy for a new day, so don’t rush.

A protein-rich breakfast can help you get rid of the heat, and the best choices include eggs, sausages, and yoghurt.

If you prefer sweetness, fresh fruit and oatmeal are also good choices.

In the morning, my aunt is not easy to accumulate, so you can fully enjoy your stomach, so as to avoid eating too much in the middle and late meals due to obesity.

PM2:00 lunch time is up.

  This meal should be balanced and balanced. Chicken and fish are rich sources of protein. Vegetables and fruits are essential vitamin supplements, and proper supplementation of nuts and olive oil is good for health.

  PM4:30 needs to replenish energy at this time.

  You can eat vegetable salad or eat an apple, which adds strength and suppresses the desire to expect an upcoming dinner.

AM6:00 is the easiest to gain weight when eating. Of course, from another point of view, if you control well, it will be easier to become thinner.

Be sure to force yourself to develop the habit of not eating any more after 9 pm every day. Over time, when the diet becomes a habit, the body will become thinner as you get thinner.

  ◆ The monthly “slimming moment” can’t be imagined, that is, the good friend who comes every month – the menstrual cycle, actually can be a good friend for your slimming.

All you have to do is implement different weight-loss plans in different physiological organs.

  During the visit period of good friends, these days are the most frail period for women. In addition to the sluggish abdominal pain caused by menstrual cramps, the body temperature is reduced, the metabolism is slow, all the intense slimming exercises and special diet control.If you take the “this bus”, you will only feel uncomfortable because of the pressure brought by weight loss, let alone lose weight and good results.

Therefore, during the period of menstrual cramps, all you have to do is to relax yourself, add rich iron and fiber foods, walk on the road gracefully, and do some simple warm-up exercises.
  One week after the end of menstruation, I hope that the weight loss effect will be played at the speed of the bullet train. It is not wrong to try to implement your slimming plan during this time. Because the female hormone is secreted in a large amount, you are almost happy and the whole physiological cells are active.Good digestion, good absorption, rapid metabolism, physiological and psychological are in the state of inversion peaks, and with the combination of diet control and sports fat burning, you can definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

Of course, iron, minerals and other nutritional supplements are indispensable, and even diet control should be implemented under the principle of balanced nutrition.

  During this stage of ovulation, lutein will be secreted a lot after estrogen, and the appearance of lutein will bring some physical and psychological changes to women. For example, the metabolic rate is slowly decreasing, and the appetite is wide open and the appetite is greatly increased.

In addition to adopting a gradual approach to flatten the energy absorbed per day with the energy consumed, the most important thing is to improve the metabolic function, and to improve the metabolic function with simple and effortless breathing methods, and make full use of the cell activity.Both have slimming effect.

  A week before the arrival of menstruation, women in this order will find that their legs are swollen, their backs are painful, and they have occasional constipation.

Of course, you may have a bad temper, and even a few acne on your body. These are the so-called premenstrual syndromes.

At this time, the slimming plan should be adapted to the natural comfort of the body and changed to a gentle slimming method, sometimes diligent massage and finger pressure to relieve the leg water retention and constipation.