Semir Apparel (002563): Minutes of R & D Center and Store Investigation

Semir Apparel (002563): Minutes of R & D Center and Store Investigation


Considerations for setting up lean factories in R & D centers?

The company is characterized by virtual operation, and almost all of its products are outsourced. The consideration of arranging a production line here is that the company hopes to lead the supplier. It must first understand the production and can help the supplier to improve the efficiency and ability in production.

This production line belongs to the company’s demonstration plant.

And the company also organizes multiple trainings to help suppliers improve production capacity.


What does lean production mean for the company?

The company uses big data for each item to feedback to the supplier what points and differences are in production, which will help improve the efficiency of the 重庆耍耍网 supplier, which will indirectly improve the company’s efficiency. It is more scientific to replace the order, and it can also be replaced by the quick response.easy to accomplish.

Another benefit is that by establishing a database such as GST man-hours, the company can more transparent and refined the cost measurement of purchasing from suppliers. For example, if it tells the supplier clearly the reasonable man-hours for the production of a certain product, if it differs from the standard level, it means thatNot enough.


The progress and efficiency of lean production?

It is still in trials for 18 years and is in the early stage. This year, it began to bloom everywhere. It is planned to be extended to 30% of suppliers to make a difference.

Complete supplier coverage within 3 years.

For example, the company once conducted a pilot at a supplier factory, but the other party did not agree with it, but after the first production line was upgraded with the help of the company’s large lean production department, the efficiency increased by 12%, and the supplier highly recognized it. 3 The factory was upgraded within a month.

This year, promotion will be carried out at suppliers such as the Semir brand and the Balla brand. It is conservatively estimated that the efficiency of the factory can be improved by more than 10% after the upgrade.


How to realize the cost accounting of multiple SKUs for one production line?

The company will integrate resources, part of the cost accounting of multiple SKUs is done by its own production line, and some of it is done by the best supplier resources.

At the same time, production parameters change in real time, such as changing equipment, fabrics, etc. This work needs to be continuously updated.


The proportion of quick response and future goals?

Currently accounting for 10?
15%, hope to increase to 30 in the future?


Will it change the production cycle of the entire industry chain?

In the past, the industry generally required 10 from R & D to the final product launch?
Over the course of 12 months, changes in fashion trends have accelerated the difficulty of forecasting and are prone to inventory problems.

From a technical perspective, the production cycle is shortened to 3?
Four months is achievable.

The company will improve lean production, and divide all products into long-term, medium-term, and short-term. If the basic models are produced all year round, it is a long-period product; some high-fashion products need to be realized by fast reverse.

Survey of Semir Brand Stores in Wuma Street, Wenzhou 1.

Basic situation of the store: It opened in 2001, with a total area of 2,100 square meters, ranking in the top ten, and the annual turnover has been more than 30 million since 10 years.

More than 40 employees.

The shop is divided into 3 floors, with an area of 200 square meters on the first floor, 600 square meters on the second floor, and 1200 square meters on the third floor.

The first-floor showroom is more popular with men’s clothing to meet the needs of basic models. The second-floor is more fashionable and dynamic products or IP models. The third-floor is women’s clothing.

The warehouse area is 200 square meters.

The turnover in 18 years has decreased compared to 17 years, mainly because the Wuma Street area was significantly renovated in 5 months last year, affecting sales.

Operating indicators: SKUs are about 600 in summer, 480 in spring and autumn, and less than 400 in winter.

Flat effect 1.

About 50,000.

Lease-to-sale ratio is about 16%; labor cost accounts for about 10%; electricity costs 2?

Joint rate 3.

3. The unit price is around 300, with an average discount of 68%.

The sales rate was more than 70% in spring and autumn, and nearly 90% in winter.


Product situation: Quick response ratio 10?

The stores will capture local fashion trends, feed them back to the headquarters for production, and test sales in large stores. If sales are better, they will continue to roll out, increase re-orders and shop in small stores.

The relative product change is mainly the age range upwards and downwards widening. Previously, it gave the impression that it is a student outfit. Now it can be expanded to 14?
15-year-old middle school students, as well as parent-child outfits, have expanded the minimalist line upwards and are suitable for office workers.

In the autumn of 19, the change of products over the 18 years was mainly the development of plum models (cooperative IP) and simple lines.

The prices of these urban products are generally increased by 30%.


Loading arrangements: Generally, the products of a season are divided into 3 major subdivisions, and the store will be divided into multiple times according to the capacity. A large replacement is roughly divided into winter models 4?
5 times, spring and summer and about 2 times.
The product will be displayed for two weeks from the beginning, and the store will resume its life cycle. If it can continue to meet 4?
Five-week sales are at normal levels, otherwise they are slow-moving or high-selling, and measures are taken accordingly.


Category: existing women’s clothing accounts for about 38%.

Shoes and accessories account for about 5%. By the end of the year, I hope that the sales of shoes and accessories will double. In the future, I hope to display shoes and accessories in an area of 15%. It is planned that shoes and accessories will account for about 10% of sales.

Survey of Barbara brand shops in Wuma Street, Wenzhou 1.

The basic situation of the store: the area is 850 square meters, the annual turnover level is about 10 million (18 million turnover 11 million), 16 employees.

Opened in 2002, expanding area.

It will shrink a part in 19 years, and the corresponding target will be reduced at least a little. Last year was 11 million, and this year the target is 9.6 million.

The first floor is for babies and accessories; the second floor is for girls; the third floor is for boys and leisure areas.

The first floor area is 60 square meters, and the second and third floors are similar and larger.

The total display area is about 720 square meters.


Operating indicators: 17% rent-to-sales ratio and 12% labor costs.

Discount rate 71?
25% off, with a rate of 3?

3, the customer unit price is about 320.

Flat effect 1.


The sales rate is more than 60% for spring models, and 70% for summer and winter models.

The highest turnover is about 13 million, and it will be around 10 million in the next few years.
It is the best-selling and draining shop in Wuma Street children’s clothing brand, occupying most of the region’s share.


Product situation: SKU autumn model 750, summer model 850?
900, about 700 winter models.

Baby products have grown rapidly, with sales accounting for 7% last year and 10% this year.


18-year sales share: Every 60% decrease in traffic is mainly due to the entire street being renovated in 4 months last year.

The increase mainly comes from the customer unit price, which is achieved by increasing training and incentives for shopping guides.


Membership: Store membership (Weike) 6000?
7,000, the current priority is to improve the conversion rate.
Established 5 WeChat customer groups, contributing about 5%.