How to care for the body care –

How to care for the body?

As the saying goes, the medicine is not as good as the food supplement, and the food supplement is not as good as the god.

What is God’s supplement?

In reality, it is to replenish the gods, or to raise the gods.

This is often the focus of the spring health work, but it is often overlooked.

Let’s take a look at how the health experts are introduced!

  God refers to the spirit, consciousness, and thinking that is the high-level neurological activity of the human brain.

To replenish the spirit is to maintain the psychological balance of the human body through the methods of nourishing the mind, comforting the mind and will, so as to achieve the purpose of fitness and health.

Spring is the season of all things, and as the person corresponding to the heavens and the earth, it is particularly important to make up the gods.

  After the arrival of spring, with the rising Chunyang, the physiological activities of others will change and change the seasons, and the psychological activities of people will change accordingly.

Min Haoyun: “Spring child face, three days change.

According to medical meteorological research, when the climate is warm and cold, the changing climate often makes it difficult for many people to adapt, and there are emotional instability, multiple dreams, hyperactivity, difficulty in concentration, and other psychological discomforts.

Those who are particularly sensitive to climate change, even to the extent of intolerance, lead to morbid emotions such as excitement, anger, and nothing.

This is also the reason why the so-called “cauliflower yellow, madman busy”, mental illness is easy to relapse in the spring.

  In addition, into the spring, as the temperature rises, the pores of the skin stretch, the blood vessels expand, the blood flow of the skin increases, the blood supply to the brain decreases accordingly, and the brain is relatively deficient in oxygen.

At the same time, due to the increase of air humidity, the body’s water can not be evaporated from the sweat glands, affecting the normal secretion and metabolism of body fluids, and at the same time making people feel warm and mellow, and produce good sedative and hypnotic effects on the human body.

These can be manifested as “spring sleepy” diseases such as listlessness, sleepiness, fatigue and lack of energy in the central nervous system.

  The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the mind is the mind.

If the function of the mind is normal, then the spirit is uplifted, the mind is clear, the thinking is agile, and the response to the external information is sensitive and normal.

At the same time, it is believed that the liver main venting, regulating the emotions, the function of the liver is normal, the air machine is smooth, the blood and the tone, the mood is easy to be harmonious, cheerful and broad.

Therefore, the best way to change the above situation is to seek their own Yaxing according to their physical physique and hobbies, to raise their minds and to calm their minds.

  The most important thing is to get close to nature.

Green is the true nature of nature.

The green world of lawns, green forests, green leaves, safflowers, grains, vegetables, fruits and other plants is where the world returns to nature and returns to nature.

Often in the green environment, breathing fresh air, as well as eating vegetables and fruits containing more chlorophyll, is one of the secrets of human growth.

This is especially important and prominent in the spring.

  With the advent of spring, the yang that has been closed for a winter is also gradually emerging. People’s spiritual and emotional activities are generally active, and there is a sense of “long-term thinking.”

In the bright spring, the wind and the beautiful day, in the nature, climb the flowers, step on the green, ask the willows, put in the birds and flowers, breathe the fresh air, stretch the bones of the body, causing people to feel refreshed and refreshed, the spirit isA vibrate.

At this time, it is not advisable to sit alone, to be depressed, to disturb the mind in vain.