How long does chronic superficial antral sinusitis have a good diet?

How long does chronic superficial antral sinusitis have a good diet?

How long is superficial antral sinusitis?

The main symptom of superficial antral sinusitis is pain.

Many people may not know much about superficial antral sinusitis.

Therefore, the treatment of superficial antral sinusitis was delayed.

So, how long is superficial antral sinusitis?

What are the precautions in the diet?

How long is superficial antral sinusitis?

1, superficial antral sinusitis cure time due to mental health unhealthy, long-term mental stress, anxiety or depression, can cause systemic sympathetic and parasympathetic dysfunction.

Lead to vasomotor dysfunction of gastric mucosa, resulting in decreased blood flow in the gastric mucosa, destroying the gastric mucosal barrier and forming a chronic inflammatory response of the gastric mucosa.

Most superficial gastritis symptoms disappear on their own and can be completely restored after several months or years of distortion.

2, superficial antral sinusitis for the body damage through the superficial antral sinusitis to take medicine for their own injuries, eating wrong, bad for the body, and can not solve the problem.

Be sure to go to the hospital for a checkup, take a gastroscope, see how far the gastritis is, and then eat according to the doctor’s medicine.

This can be good fast.

During a stomachache, don’t eat hard food, eat more easily digestible, and softer foods.

Eat more millet porridge, you can raise your stomach.

If you are a male, remember to not drink alcohol or smoke. Drinking and smoking is very irritating to the stomach.

Superficial antral sinusitis diet considerations to avoid eating a variety of irritating foods.

Such as spirits, espresso, raw garlic mustard and other foods that have damage to the gastric mucosa, while avoiding eating too hard, too acidic, too spicy, too cold, too much and too rough food.

You can use easy-to-digest foods and pay attention to cooking methods such as frying and supplementing.

Food should be light and soft.

Increase nutrition, pay attention to choose protein foods with high nutritional value and soft foods rich in vitamins, such as milk, tofu, carrots and some fermented foods, food should be chewed slowly.

Diet should be regular, regular quantitative, not overeating, develop good eating habits, reduce the burden on the stomach.

The three-course meal allowance allows for regular meals at the meal.

Pay attention to food mix, it is best to have dry and thin, protein food and a small amount of staple food.

Patients should eat soft rice that is easy to digest. Eat more foods containing plant protein and vitamins, such as tofu and carrots. Soymilk, which has high nutrient nutrition and protects the gastric mucosa, should be listed as a common food.

Food selection Note: Food choices Food choices Food choices Food choices Food choices Quit irritating foods: coffee, wine, gravy, pepper, mustard, pepper, etc. These can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice or damage the gastric mucosaFood should be avoided.

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