New oil and old oil mixed together or stored a safety hazard

New oil and old oil mixed together or stored a safety hazard

Do you have such a habit of seeing that there is no oil in the oil pot, and if you don’t use it, you will pour it into a new one?

In fact, this method of using oil is not scientific and may have certain safety hazards.

Edible oil is not a food that is resistant to storage. The appearance of “hala” taste is the result of oxidative rancidity of oil.

Oxidized oil not only reduces the nutritional value, but also may cause the body to age and bury hidden dangers for various diseases.

Grease is slowly oxidized during storage, especially in oil cans, which have more exposure to oxygen and therefore are more oxidized than sealed large barrels of oil.

Need experts, the oxidation of oil will be “infected”, so be sure to wait until the old oil is used up, then install new oil into the oil can, otherwise the grease oxidation rate will become faster.

Usually add the amount needed for a week to the oil can, and clean the oil pot once every three months or so.

In addition, it is best to replace the oil can or the capped oil bottle that can be screwed onto the outer casing. Never put the oil in an open-open container.

Whether it is a oil drum or an oil can, it must be placed in a dark, dark place, and should not be affected by sunlight and high temperatures.