Yoga 8 makes you beautiful from head to toe

Yoga 8 makes you beautiful from head to toe

The basic building of yoga is based on ancient Indian philosophy. It can achieve the state of complete control of the mind and emotions by exercising the body and twisting the breath, thereby maintaining a healthy and perfect body forever.

  Face-to-knee (constricted thighs and knees) face up, legs straight.

Take five breaths.

Inhale, straighten your arms, and hug your calves to fully stretch your upper body.

Take five breaths.
Exhale and restore your legs.

  Stretch your legs and lie face up with your legs straight.

Use a long cloth strip to bypass the sole of the left foot so that the left leg is properly raised and held for a moment.

Keep your legs straight, as close to the front as possible.

After 20 seconds, lean your upper body forward, close to your legs, and lie back slowly.

Change your right leg.

  The kitten pose (inclined back) supports both shoulders and crawls on the floor.

Inhale, arch your back upwards and move your chest and head.

Exhale, slowly retract your back and head, and do this action as if someone was irritated by the cat.

Repeat 5 times.

  Puppy-down (tilt the back of the leg, side ribs) with all four limbs on the ground.

Exhale, straighten your legs until you want to bend, straighten at the same time, and step on the ground.

Keep the rate.

Inhale, straighten your legs and exercise your quadriceps for a minute.

  Slightly forward (constricting the legs and back), with feet as wide as shoulders, and arms hanging from both sides of the body.

Exhale, leaning your hips forward and your legs upright and relaxing.

Hold for a minute.
  Cobra (constricted back, hips, intercostal muscles) face down, palms on the ground.

Exhale, step on the floor, lift your head, raise your chest, and press your legs against the ground.

Straighten your arms (but not tense) and lift them up for 30 seconds.

  The butterfly (tighten the tailbone and insert the thigh) sits on the floor, with the back straight, the soles of the two feet in contact, and the insert opens.

With the heels facing each other, clamp the pelvis and squeeze your feet firmly.

Hold for 2 minutes.

Exhale and slowly spread your feet apart.

  The child’s posture (inclined spine) is brittle on the ground with his toes touching the ground.

Sit up on your heels, exhale, and crawl forward with your forehead on the ground.

Relax your arms and place them on the floor for two minutes.

Breathe naturally.

  The legs are separated in a triangle pose, with a distance of four feet in the middle, the left foot is rotated 15 degrees, the right foot is extended 90 degrees, and the arms are straightened on both sides of the body.

Exhale, bend your upper body to the side, put your right hand on the right leg for support, hold for 45 seconds, inhale, recover, and change to the other side.