Psychological changes in patients with depression throughout the day

Psychological changes in patients with depression throughout the day

Depression patients have the lowest mood in the morning. It is sadder than death in the morning. The morning is a hellish time for depression patients.

Too many patients 4?
Wake up at 5 o’clock, some may be early.

In their words: “Thinking wildly, waiting for dawn.

“Because of the poor quality of sleep and fatigue, people don’t want to get up, and some don’t even want to go to school or work.

Even if I barely get up, my mental and physical state is extremely poor, fatigue, depression, depression, helplessness.

  Endure torment in the morning The whole morning is a difficult schedule.

It is difficult for students to concentrate in class, and it is not efficient to take lessons.

In fact, I really want to invigorate myself, but often I have more than enough energy.

  Slight reduction in the afternoon After lunch, the mental state will start to turn a little, and the psychological pressure will gradually decrease.

This change is slow, unknowingly, there are no external factors, but the degree of psychological discomfort is decreasing, and it is no longer “sorrow than death”.

  Twilight improved to 4 pm?
At 5 o’clock, it will start to feel a bit relaxed and a bit slow.

Tiredness is reduced and I am slightly interested. I can do some housework before supper and I have a little active desire to communicate with my family.

  The state is still good at night. After dinner, patients will feel that this is the coolest time of the day. It seems that the haze has dissipated and it seems that they have returned to a normal state.

Talking with others is also acute and relaxed, and is no longer full of shame and frowning.

The family will also feel okay, and they will mistakenly think that people are so normal at night that they can’t talk about depression.

  Before waking up, I was worried that the good times were not long. I had to go to bed after a few hours.

At this time, I was worried about whether I could fall asleep, whether I would wake up early tomorrow, and how I would be in the daytime tomorrow . I was worried that it would cause depression, affect my mood before going to bed, and think of many recent psychological statesChange and situation.

These have actually started the precursor to depression the next day.

Depression just started to move into another day of emotional ups and downs.