Medication for preventing ulcers 2 prescriptions

Medication for preventing ulcers 2 prescriptions

Acne, also known as acne, occurs on the face of adolescents.

Acne patients can use medicated diet therapy to support acne elimination inside and outside.

The medicinal recipes such as carp cooked with garlic and white lotus root, green bean huiren soup, lotus leaf fritillary walnut and walnut kernel can make you enjoy the deliciousness and cure the disease.

  Garlic white carp boiled carp efficacy: detoxification and swelling, hemostasis and muscle growth, suitable for acne patients.

  Ingredients: 1 carp of about 250 grams, 3 pieces of garlic, and 15 grams of white peony.

  Production: Descaling fish, mixed gills and intestines, and cook with garlic and paeony. Fish can be eaten when cooked.

  Usage: eat fish and drink soup, 1 dose daily, even for several days.

  Mung bean huiren decoction effect: clearing heat and quenching thirst, softening skin induration, can cure acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and warts.

  Ingredients: Coix seed, 80 grams each of green beans, 10 grams of honey.

  Production: Wash the mung beans and barley kernels, put them in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer them over low heat until cooked for a few minutes.

  To use: Add honey and glucose while hot.